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Ultimate Guide to Blueborne Vulnerability Scanner

Blueborne Vulnerability Scanner– If you want to protect your smartphone, desktop, tablet, or almost every other smart device, then you should be familiar with fast-growing BlueBorne attacks. Because it is spread over the air, it can easily affect your device. Currently, over 8.2 billion Android, Windows, iOS, and Linux devices are vulnerable to this attack. It can affect

How to Properly Wear On Ear Headphones

Most people love music and often enjoy losing themselves in it to shut out all manners of noises and block out all annoyances, hence the use of headphones. But then again, to enjoy the efficiency of the rich and perfectly clear sound that comes with a headphone, the deep bass that ensures proper separation of

Top Best Smartwatches To Buy: Cool Prices

Looking for the best smartwatches on the market for your needs that is compatible with your smartphone? We have listed the top best wearables, we selected options for each operating system (Android / iOS) and different prices. Smartwatches are the new world trend in the technological market. These devices promise to make people’s lives easier in

The 5 Phones With The Best Cameras

What are the phones with the best cameras? Nowadays it is difficult to stay away from a smartphone, after all for many people the small device has become a very useful way of working and earning. I, for example, use my cell phone to chat with my girlfriend, and friends and also to deal with

Step By Step Guide to Fix Android Systemui Has Stopped Error

Android SystemUI is not responsive or Android, unfortunately, the process stop is not a rare error and is observed on all Android devices these days. The error usually pops up on your device while you are using it in a message on the Android-powered screen, unfortunately, the process has stopped. Android SystemUI Unresponsive error