The 10 Most Expensive Universities in the United States

If you prefer getting a quality education then you should check out the top 10 most expensive Universities in the United States. The best education can sometimes be the most expensive and while most US universities are expensive, these schools can really screw you up. You will be surprised to know that some of these universities currently cost more than $ 75,000 a year for a student’s education.

Here we show the list of the most expensive universities in the United States, the ones that charged the most for tuition, required fees, room, and board in the 2019-2020 academic year.

These figures represent what you would pay directly to the university, and do not include books, travel, “not beers,” nor the most common requirements or an insurance plan.

So if you have been asking the question “What is the most expensive universities in the United States?” Here are the top 10 most expensive universities in the United States:

10. Parsons School of Design | The New School

Parsons School of Design | The New Schoo

Located in: New York City, New York
Total cost: $ 68,554 (€ 61,064)
Tuition: $ 50,954 (€ 45,389)

This university, located in New York City, is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious art and design universities in the world. Something unusual is that almost a third of the student population is made up of international students from all over the world.

Famous alumni: Actors Walther Mathau and Bradley Cooper, fashion designers Tom Ford and Alexander Wang, and writers Tennessee Williams and Jack Kerouac.

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9. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University

Located in: Baltimore, Maryland
Total cost: $ 71,660 (€ 44,511)
Tuition: $ 55,350 (€ 63,831)

Entrepreneur and billionaire John Hopkins left $ 7 million in his will to fund the hospital and university in Baltimore, Maryland, in the 1870s. It was the largest philanthropic gift in the history of the United States at the time.

Famous alumni: New York City billionaire and ex-mayor Michael Bloomberg and former President of the United States Woodrow Wilson, as well as dozens of Nobel Laureates.

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8. New York University (NYU)

New York University (NYU)

Located in: New York, New York
Total cost: $ 71,992 (€ 64,126)
Tuition: $ 53,308 (€ 47,484)

Established in 1831 to offer the rapidly growing city population an elite institution of higher education, NYU is now one of the largest private universities in the United States.

Famous alumni: The two notable economists Friedrich Hayek and Alan Greenspan, directors Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen, and famous actress Anne Hathaway all graduated from NYU.

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7. Dartmouth College 

Dartmouth - 10 most expensive universities in the United States

Located in: Hanover, New Hampshire
Total cost: $ 73,578 (€ 65,539)
Tuition: $ 57,204 (€ 50954)

Founded almost two and a half centuries ago, it is one of the prestigious “Ivy League” universities. Dartmouth graduates have the highest starting salaries, as well as the second highest average salary 10 years after graduating from one of the most expensive universities in the United States.

Famous alumni: Legendary American politician Daniel Webster, prominent poet Robert Frost, and ex-Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.


6. Sarah Lawrence College

Sarah Lawrence College

Located in: Bronxville, New York
Total cost: $ 73,640 (€ 65,594)
Tuition: $ 57,520 (€ 51,235)

Founded by real estate magnate William Van Duzer Lawrence, and named after his wife, Sarah Lawrence College maintains its high academic standards to this day.

Famous alumni: Acclaimed filmmakers JJ Abrams and Brian De Palma, and prominent politician Rahm Emanuel.

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5. Claremont McKenna College (CMC)

Claremont McKenna College | most expensive universities in the United States

Located in: Claremont, California
Total cost: $ 73,775 (€ 65,715)
Tuition: $ 56,475 (€ 50,305)

One of the seven universities that make up the Claremont Colleges consortium, Claremont McKenna College was founded in 1946 and is about 35 miles from downtown Los Angeles.

The university is extremely selective with admission levels in recent years of just over 10 percent, one of the lowest in the country.

Famous alumni: Notable Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Michael S. Jeffries and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington.

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4. Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University | 10 most expensive Universities in the US

Located in: Middletown, Connecticut
Total cost: $ 73,803 (€ 65,740)
Tuition: $ 57,004 (€ 50,776)

This university is part of the so-called “Little Ivies”, a group of elite universities in New England, with standards as high as their “Ivy League” counterparts, but with a lower profile.

Famous alumni: notable screenwriters Joss Whedon and DB Weiss, director Phil Abraham and writer-producer Matthew Weiner.

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3. The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago

Located in: Chicago, Illinois
Total cost: $ 76,300 (€ 67,964)
Tuition: $ 59,298 (€ 52,819)

Established in 1890 with funding from oil magnate John D. Rockefeller, the University of Chicago is consistently ranked among the most expensive universities in the United States and also among the ten best universities in the world.

Famous alumni: Many well-known personalities from various fields, from Eliot Ness from “The Untouchable” to astronomers Edwin Hubble and Carl Saga, and renowned film critic Roger Ebert and Oracle CEO, billionaire Larry Ellis.

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2. Columbia University

Columbia University

Located in: New York, New York
Total cost: $ 76,340 (€ 67,999)
Tuition: $ 61,850 (€ 60,439)

The second out of the most expensive universities in the United States and also the oldest institution of higher education in New York State, and the fifth oldest in the country, Columbia University has more than 250 years of glorious history.

Famous alumni: 5 of the Founding Fathers, former President of the United States, Barack Obama, former Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, billionaire Warren Buffet, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and Director Sidney Lumet.

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1. Harvey Mudd College

Harvey Mudd College

Located in: Claremont, California
Total cost: $ 77,339 (€ 68,889)
Tuition: $ 58,660 (€ 52,251)

Harvey Mudd College is the most expensive university in the United States and is recognized for its strong emphasis on natural science, engineering, and mathematics studies, it also encourages students, according to its mission, not to neglect human needs.

Famous alumni: Flash software creator Jonathan Gay, astronaut George “Pinky” Nelson, and StarCraft player + commentator Sean “Day9” Plott.

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