The Most Dangerous Insects In The World – Scary Insects

What are the most poisonous insects in the world? They are small but deadly, we will examine the most dangerous insects in the world in this article.

When summer comes the insects multiply. In fact, we can see them everywhere, in the country, in the city, or in your own room at home. Although in most cases they are completely harmless, some can be fatal. These are the 10 most poisonous insects in the world.

1. Tse-Tse fly

The Tse Tse Fly is one of the most dangerous insects in the world

This fly lives in Africa and is responsible for the transmission of Trypanosoma brucei which causes sleeping sickness in Africa, a parasitic infection that affects both humans and animals, the Tse-Tse fly feeds mainly on the blood of vertebrates. The WHO estimates the number of new cases presented in man each year at about 300,000. It affects the nervous system of the victim, with symptoms such as fever or bleeding, which can lead to a coma.

2. Botfly


This insect stands out for biting mammals and leaving larvae with their bite. These larvae live inside the body of the victims, causing bleeding and a disease that affects tissues and organs.

3. Japanese giant hornet

Japanese giant hornet

Its venom is very strong and can cause the dissolution of human tissue. It is very aggressive and does not tolerate captivity. It has a length of 5 centimeters and a wingspan of 7.5 cm, which can cause the death of the victims it attacks.

4. Death worm

Death worm - the most dangerous insects in the world

The obliqua Lonomia is known as “Death Worm”. This species of the caterpillar is found mostly in Brazil, and the venom from its stinging hairs is deadly. They blend in nicely with plants and can be deadly just by touching you.

5. African bee

African bee

Although the consequences of the sting depend on each person, sometimes they can be fatal. The poison causes allergic and toxic reactions in its victims.

6. Anopheles mosquito

Anopheles mosquito

Usually, a mosquito only leaves your skin inflamed and swollen with slight pain, however, some can transmit deadly diseases, such as malaria or dengue. It is estimated that each year, more than 2 million people die in the world from a bite of these insects.

7. Siafu Ants

Siafu Ants

They are the largest species of ants in the world. They have a great ability to work in a group and have sharp jaws with which they can suffocate the victim. Their bite is so strong that they are sometimes used to suture wounds.

8. Black rat fleas

Black rat fleas

How can such a small insect be deadly? These fleas transmit a bacterium called Yersinia Pestis, better known as “plague“. More than ten million people died in the first half of the 20th century and there are currently more than 1000 cases in the world a year.

9. Besucona bug

Besucona bug

This insect lives in warm areas of South America, such as Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil. When it bites a victim, their intestine swells and forces them to defecate, leaving numerous parasites on the skin. Currently, about 50,000 people die a year around the world from the bite of this insect.

10. Aphrodisiac beetle

Aphrodisiac beetle - most dangerous insects in the world

The powder of this beetle, also called the Spanish fly,  is used as natural viagra. The problem is that in some cases it can also be fatal.

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These were just some of the most dangerous insects in the world, but there are many others. It is inevitable to remember that whenever we are bitten by an insect or animal that presents a risk to our health, we must urgently seek a specialist to be able to take the appropriate measures. Insects can look harmless for the most part, but we must be very careful.


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