Nollywood Male Actors Need Help – Nigerians React

Following a recent increase in the numbers of male Nollywood actors been struck with different types of terrible ailments, fears have risen among Nigerians, noting that there could be something going wrong within the industry that not revealed to the public.

According to reports, just within the month of January 2020, about 5 Nollywood veterans are currently suffering from one disease or the other, excluding those that died within the last year.

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The most recent are Ernest Asuzu, Victor Olaoatan, and Ifeanyi Ezeokeke among others.

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Some concerned Nigerians have noted that some things are going wrong in the film industry, most especially with the male actors. They confirmed that it is rare to hear about the female actors suffering from a disease or more.

Also, it was said that the female actors have appeared to be more successful in the industry than the male.

However, some people pointed that most of the successful female actress is into selling their body to top Nigerian politicians and Lebanon, which is where most of them get the money they use in living their luxurious life.

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An anonymous Instagram user stated on social media that there is envy among the male actors and that it is possible that some of their colleagues are responsible for their health challenges as a way of kicking them out of the industry.

See some photos below;

Nollywood Actors Sick Nollywood Actors Sick Nollywood Actors Sick

But taking a good look at the current reports on how miserable some of the veterans who have worked hard and have impacted many true acting are today, one will be forced to make accusations.

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So many of them were gallant financially, and all of a sudden they are down to zero, insinuations from people suggest that there is a need for the Nollywood industry to be checked.

Though, some people also noted that there is currently no good pay in the Industry, that many of them are really not what we see on the screen of our TV.

Could the accusation about some of them been fetish be true? Could it also be true that some of them have dig deep to make fame? This is questions coming from concerned Nigerians.


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