Top 10 Best Modelling Agencies in Nigeria

Modelling Agencies in Nigeria

Average Nigerian ladies want to become a supermodel, but the truth is, not everyone can become Agbani Darego. However, with the help of top Modelling Agencies in Nigeria, the lucky ones can be famous too.

These modelling agencies to be discussed do invest greatly in their models. They do train them on different aspects of the industry. Ranging from photo shooting down to social media awareness.

Without further delay, the following are the best modelling agencies in Nigeria right now.Top 10 Best Modelling Agencies in Nigeria

  1. Silverbird Group

Silverbird is one of the best modelling companies in Nigeria. They are the organizer of the most-watched modelling competitions in the country known as the “Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Award among others.

Silverbird group was also the modelling company that nurtured Agbani Darego; Africa’s first woman to chart home the Miss World beauty award in 2001.

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  1. Box Model Agency

Box Model is another modelling agency in Nigeria that is attracting young and promising Nigerian models. Box model provides a variety of services all in a bid to make its prospects supermodel.

  1. Few Models

Talking about top modelling companies in Africa, Few models can not be left out unmentioned. Founded by a model called Bolajo Fawehinmi. Ever since it inception, this modelling agency has discovered many modelling raw talent across Africa.

  1. Beth Modelling Agency

Beth Modelling is another classic and highly recognized modelling agency in Nigeria. It is affliated to many modelling companies in Europe and North American countries.

Plus, it grooms young and elegant African models, polishes and transforms them into raw talent and superstars that are renowned internationally.

  1. Fashion Instinct Modelling Company

This modelling agency also provides quality and professional supermodels that are very versed in film features, television commercials, runway, promotions, trade shows and many more.

The fashion instinct modelling agency main office is situated in New Jersey, United States while its branch office is located in Lagos, Nigeria.

  1. 202 modelling Agency

This modelling agency works with already made supermodel and they also groom youngsters into a celebrity. 202 modelling are however nutures all kinds of model irrespective of sex.

  1. Yray Models

Yray modelling agency is known for its activeness in advertisements and fashion modelling services for companies, individuals, agencies, and the likes. This agency accepts all categories of persons; be it kid, teen, adults or elderly person.

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  1. Pflamez Entertainment

Pflamez is basically a beauty pageant agency but also in modelling service. Pflamez entertainment is the organizers of many beauty pageants shows in Nigeria such as Miss VIP Nigeria, Pzflamez Fashion Night Out and a lot more.

  1. Bredance And Crusader Limited

Bredance and Crusader is another top modelling agency in Nigeria. This company is widely known for it yearly hosting of Nigeria’s International Supermodel Beauty Pageant.

  1. Elite Model Look

Similarly, Elite Model is another international but Nigeria based renowned modelling agency. Owned and managed by BETH Model company, they host a yearly “Elite Model Look Beauty Pageant”, and this often brings aspiring supermodels from different parts of the country together.


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