Top 5 Richest Women In Africa And Their Net Worth

Africa is usually a continent where little or no freedom is granted to women to exercise their talent and endowment but with the recent increase in education and western civilization women are now taking the bull by the horn and in some cases outsmart some men. Below, we provide the top 5 Richest African women who have not only changed their life but have also changed the lives of people around them and have in so doing grown to be so rich and influential that they made it to the Forbes Billionaire list. Below are the five top richest women in Africa.

1. Isabel Dos Santos

Net worth: $3.7 Billion.
Source: Investment

Isabel Dos Santos is the oldest daughter to the well known Super rich Angolan President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos. Dos Santos Studied Engineering in London. biography reveals that Isabel started investing at the young age of 24 and has grown to be in the board of directors of several Angolan and Portugal companies. she is into the media company, cement with interest oil and diamonds.

2. Folorunsho Alakija

Net worth: $2.5 Billion
Source: Fashion & Oil[/b]

Folorunsho is a 62-year-old millionaire that hails from Nigeria. biography reveals she started her endeavor in the earlier ’70s where she quits her job as a secretary to an International merchant Bank in Nigeria to focus on her Studies. She studied Fashion and designing in England After graduation she returned to Nigeria and founded her Fashion Brand- Supreme Stitches in 1985 which later became the largest designer brand in Nigeria one year later.
she also founded an oil company – Famfa Oil which owns about 60% stake in Nigeria Oil block.

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3. Ngina Kenyatta

Ngina Kenyatta is an 80-year-old Kenyan woman, a widow of Kenya’s first President, Jomo Kenyatta. she is currently among the richest women in Africa. her wealth has no direct source as her investment or rather the family investment as she protected and take over the family business with diverse investments in different sectors from Banking, Insurance, Hospitality, Education, Real Estate. making her one of the richest African women.

4.Haji Bola Shagaya

Bola Shagaya is one of the recognized Nigeria women billionaires, she is the founder and CEO of Bolmus Group international, a company with an interest in Banking( Unit Bank Plc), communication, photography, Real Estate, and oil.

5. Wendy Appelbaum

wendy Appelbaum is a south African Millionaire with a net worth of $259.3 Million.