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The 20 Most Populous Countries In Africa

What are the most populous countries in Africa? Africa is the second most populous continent on the planet with more than 1.3 billion inhabitants, representing 17% of the world’s population. In addition, the African continent is also the one that is experiencing the most population growth annually (2.4%). Due to the lack of birth controls

Top 10 Best Textile Companies in Nigeria

There are many textile companies in Nigeria that produce quality and trendy textile products. A large number of these companies are located in Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria. In this article, we will be taking a look at the top textile companies in Nigeria, their products, locations, and other necessary details. The Nigerian

Top 10 Best Shipping Companies in Nigeria

There are numerous shipping companies in Nigeria that can help in shipping your goods from one country to another without putting you in debt. Some of the shipping companies are good at what they do while some are just the best and they rendered excellent services. Based on the numerous review with different customers, we

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World

Among the most visited countries, some places always end up being left out. How about exploring the most beautiful cities in the world? Going beyond the obvious, we want to highlight those places that may go unnoticed at first glance but deserve your due attention. Paris, Melbourne, Quebec, Rio de Janeiro, Boston … these are

Top 10 Largest Film Industries In The World

Largest Film Industries – The film industry is one of the largest sources of entertainment in the world. The industry produces thousands of films annually and makes billions of dollars in revenue. Hollywood is the largest, oldest, and most profitable film industry in the world. It is responsible for producing some of the most exciting

20 Most Populous Countries in the World

When people like to have many children, and the health system improves, the population explodes, the most populous countries in the world are listed here. Or, if a country is very popular, immigrants fill the ranks. The result: much of the world’s population lives in only a few countries. If you really like to know,