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Top 10 Beaches in Lagos Nigeria

With more than a dozen different types of beaches to choose from, Lagos is a beachgoer’s paradise. Getting to a beach that is further out from Lekki, Lagos, will cost you more money. We would be talking about the popular Beaches In Lagos Nigeria yo should consider visiting with their location, features, charge per adult,

Top 10 Youngest Presidents in Africa

Want to know the top Youngest Presidents in Africa? Read on, and get introduced to the Youngest African presidents. Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed, at 44, is Africa’s youngest president. Madagascar’s Andry Rajoelina, at 46, is the second-youngest leader amid Africa’s recent rise of politicians in their 30s and 40s assuming leadership roles. In 2018 and 2019,

Top 10 Nigerian Female Comedians on Instagram

We’ve got attractive, smart-looking Nigerian Female Comedians on Instagram who’ll make you laugh all day long, not just guys. The ratio of male comedians to female comediennes in Nigeria’s comedy industry is skewed toward the male. As a result, it’s uplifting to see certain female influencers killing it on social media and bringing us laughs.

Top 10 Hottest Countries In Africa

Africa is hot, but what are the top Hottest Countries In Africa? As you can see, Africa has a lot of heat-related pinnacles. There are many areas in Africa that are hotter than the rest, the area with the most sunshine, and more. Because Africa is spread across the equator and subtropical latitudes in both

Top 10 Richest Towns In Imo State

Imo State is one of the Southeastern states in Nigeria. The state is inhabited majorly by the Igbo tribe and houses a great number of millionaires and billionaires in the country. Also in Imo state, there are a good number of cities that are very commercialized. Under this post, we highlighted the Richest Towns in

Top 100 Best Nigerian Songs of All Time

Selecting the best Nigerian songs out of numerous genres and songs available is no doubt a herculean task. What do you think makes a Nigerian song to be the best? Is it by the lyrics, singer’s voice, and reputation, YouTube downloads/views, charts, beats, or even record sales? Whatever you think makes a song the best

Top Best Delivery Companies in Ghana

There are many top delivery companies in Ghana that can handle your goods and packages without any damages or loss. Are you searching for a top best delivery company in Ghana? We have taken our time to gather different names of international delivery companies in Ghana with quality services. About Delivery Companies Delivery Companies are