Toxic People: How to Identify and Avoid them

Once in a while, in college, work, courses, or any other social circle, you will come across toxic people. If you do not know how to deal with them, you will be poisoned and may find it difficult to escape traps. If you let them, they oppress you until you get sick. Usually, these people are attracted to those who are rational, and, inevitably, we get involved with the useless attempt to please them.

Often, the job is legal, but having to deal with these people can make the work routine problematic. In some cases, it is difficult to maintain concentration. Workflow is affected, projects start to lag, and the entire company goes at a slow pace.

The same can happen in personal life if you have a friend, relative, or spouse with these characteristics.

You can even try to escape, but it will be difficult, especially if you have to relate to them at work. Therefore, the ideal is to know how to deal with toxic people.

To do this, first, you need to know how to identify them. Don’t worry, we will help you with that. It is not difficult to find out who a toxic person is. Just be aware of the signs that we will present from now on. In addition, we will give you tips on how to avoid them. Follow!

What are the most common characteristics of toxic people?

For a start, don’t confuse toxic people with those you disagree with or don’t get along with. People have different opinions and there will be disagreements with anyone at any time. If you don’t understand this, then the problem may be with you. If you understand, you will show that you are a sensible and rational person.

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Now, without further ado, find out the main behaviors of a toxic person:

1. Play victim when convenient

Do you know that person who plays the victim at any time? Right or wrong, she needs constant attention and likes to be seen as a poor thing in the situation. And that’s not all. He always wants to be the center of attention so he never goes unnoticed.

2. Believe the world is against them

It is difficult for a toxic person to analyze situations that arise naturally or reflect on the things that he or she causes. This is one of the factors that make her feel victimized in the situation. Because she has difficulty in assuming her own mistakes , she does not understand and does not accept criticism and, when something does not go as she wanted, she says that the world is against her.

3. They are envious, jealous, and proud

These feelings are like emotional vampires for rational people, as they suck energy unnecessarily. The problem is that toxic people base their lives on them. They do not value their personal and professional achievements. They are never satisfied with what they have and crave what belongs to the other. They have a natural tendency to think that what the other has is better than hers. They also never admit they are wrong, even though they know it.

4. They blame you for their failures

Toxic people also tend to blame each other for everything that goes wrong in their lives. For them, this is easier and less embarrassing than assuming their own mistakes. Depending on the person, you may not even be able to counter it, otherwise, his world “collapses”.

5. Always support pessimism

Pessimism is present in the daily lives of toxic people. They see only the bad side of everything and value it, infecting many people around. This profile manages to transform a healthy environment into a place full of negative energies. It is able to change the positive opinion of some people to negative ones and affect the personal and professional lives of everyone close to them.

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6. Only think of themselves

They are extremely selfish. They talk about themselves all the time, mainly about the advantages, benefits, and achievements they have in life. When someone else speaks, he usually ignores it, because he thinks that only his subjects are more interesting. This is good for them, as it feeds their own ego. The problem is that it does a damned bad thing for those who are close.

7. They put you on the scale

Another thing that toxic people are masters at is to put you in a position of choice: “either me or him”, “or mine or his”, “or this or that”. If you choose the other side, they are dissatisfied and lose their heads, because they believe they are being inferior in a competition that only they can see.

8. Never apologize

Because they think they are always right, toxic people do not see the need to apologize. To do so would be like admitting they are wrong and it would sound like a humiliation. In that case, lies can be told to distort the story and change the facts. They can tell a different version to change reality and come out on top of the situation.

9. They are manipulative

Toxic people are also good at arguments and have high persuasive power. After all, to get what they want, they know they need that power, even if it means harming the other. They can also make you feel you owe something, even if it’s not true, to get your help. So, stay tuned.

10. They are unhappy

Toxic people often hide a deep sadness, as well as avoid that cannot be filled by anything. Their thoughts and attitudes prevent them from having a life at peace with themselves and the people around them.

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How to avoid toxic people?

For a start, don’t give in to these people’s whims and avoid explaining yourself, justifying yourself, or defending yourself, especially if you are accused of something you didn’t do. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, just yourself.

Since toxic people do not admit the error, it is useless to wait for an apology. The best thing to do is move on. You don’t need this to get on with your life normally.

In an argument, you don’t have to wait for her to admit that you are right to end the matter. If you know that, it matters. Let her think her way and stop wasting energy. After all, it is better for them to be right than to be happy.

Also, never be fooled by toxic people when they want to convince you that they owe something. Remember that you were born free and you owe nothing to anyone. Don’t let them put you down, offend you, or verbally and physically assault you. People who really care about you will not leave you feeling like crap. In addition, you have human and constitutional rights in your favor.

What to do when a toxic person enters my life?

Finally, the best of all is simply to get away and go on with your life. Remember that life is too short to waste time with these people.

Understand that you have the freedom and total control over your own life. Only you can change her direction and you are responsible for the choices you make. Mistakes are a natural consequence that will lead you to valuable learning.

So, when you encounter toxic people, know that you have complete freedom to avoid them, and say “no” when you want. Stay confident, don’t lose sight of your goals, and keep the peculiarities that make you shine. Be yourself the person of your life and trust only those who do not imprison others for their own interests.



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