Traditional Marriage Requirements in Tiv, Benue State


Traditional marriage in Tiv, Benue State is always interesting and filled with displays of the Tiv people’s culture and heritage.

Tiv Marriage is one of the richest in value and culture in Nigeria. Though it may be flamboyant depending on the status of the families it’s not always too expensive. Like every other event in the Tiv tribe, marriage has its own processes.

Tiv people are majorly found in Benue State, and minorly in States like Plateau, Nassarawa, and Taraba. Tiv people are accomodating and marrying off their ladies is a good decision.

To get the Tiv traditional marriage requirements, here are the preceding steps to follow.

Traditional Marriage Rite Steps To Marry A Tiv Lady

If the lady or girlfriend whom you wish to marry is from the Tiv Tribe, the following are the steps to carry to obtain traditional marriage requirements.

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1. Visit her family with some of your family members or elders to make your intention known and to fix an introduction date.

2. On the introduction date, the groom and his family will bring bottles of drink, a bag of salts, and even meat bush meat depending on the bride’s family

3. It is after receiving these items, that the families of both couples will separate into two rooms. One for the males and another for the females.

4. It’s in this room that both families will decide about the wedding date and the traditional marriage requirements. This gets decided in the male’s room where the bride’s father, groom’s father, and other elder men are present.

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5. The bride’s price will also be paid by the groom’s family after the wife has shown everyone her husband by presenting him a drink.

6. She will also take her husband to be to the female room where both mothers will advise them.

7. The brides’ elders men will also give out the traditional marriage requirements list.

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8. After all these, the bride’s family neighbors, and youth may also demand money from the husband. He’s expected to give out whatever he is capable of.

9. The bride’s family then proceeded to entertain their guest with traditional Swonge dancers and music after everything has been finalized. This entire process is called Kwase Kuhwan.

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Dancers showing their talents in Tiv Land

10. Once you get to this stage, then you must have gotten the traditional marriage list requirements from the Tiv tribe in Benue State.

Tiv Traditional Marriage Requirements List

Below is what is expected of you to present to the family depending on the bride’s family.

For the Bride’s Father

  • Local Gin, especially for the elders and you, can also replace it with money
  • Cowries (Azenga)
  • Matches
  • Pig

For the Bride’s Mother

Depending on your bride’s family, these are expected items with some additions for your traditional marriage requirements in Tiv, Benue State.


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