UPDATED: Court Adjourns Trial Of Sowore, Bakare Till April

An Abuja Federal High Court has postponed the trial of the #RevolutionNow convener, Omoyele Sowore, and his co-defendant, Olawale Bakare.

Judge Ijeoma Ojukwu postponed the trial until April 1 and 2 in a decision on Wednesday, following the objection raised by the lawyer to the accused, Femi Falana.

Falana had contested the testimony of the first witness presented by the prosecution, for giving evidence outside his written statement.

But the prosecutor, Kayode Halilu, insisted that he served a summary of the witness statement on the defendants’ council and on the witness.

The witness is Rasheed Olawale, a senior officer in the DSS, in charge of surveillance and communication intelligence at Lagos State Command.

After hearing the two pieces of advice, the judge decided that the witness cannot testify to a four-paragraph statement and provide 10 pages of evidence.

She later postponed the trial to allow the prosecutor to reproduce the witness’s statement.

Sowore and Bakare are facing trial on charges of treason and money laundering brought against them by the Federal Government.

However, they pleaded not guilty and have since been bailed by the court.

The government has filed a motion in a notice asking the court to grant an order that excludes people other than lawyers and accredited members of the press from witnessing the process.

He also sought an order to release the court whenever the prosecution’s witnesses testified, so that only the trial judge, the parties and legal representatives, as well as the accredited members of the press, could see them.

The prosecution also requested an order that the real names and addresses of the prosecution’s witnesses in the lawsuit are not disclosed.

Just before the start of the Sowore and Bakare trial on Wednesday, Judge Ojukwu postponed the decision on a request from the prosecution seeking to have witnesses protected at the trial of the accused.

This followed Halilu’s request, who informed the court that the defense team gave him a counter-declaration and that he needed time to respond to her.


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