Video: Man Threatens To Sue Mayorkun Over Alleged Fraud

In a video now viral on social media, Twitter precisely, a man has called out a Nigerian singer, Man Threatens To Sue Mayorkun Over Alleged Fraud, and giving a stern warning to his mother who is a Nollywood veteran.

Toyin Adewale, who is the mother of singer kid, Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel, popularly known by his stage name as Mayorkun has been called out to warn her son over alleged fraud.

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It was understood that the young man who did not reveal his name was giving her warning as regards a disappointment by Mayorkun her son, who they allegedly invited for a show and he snubbed it after collecting a huge sum of money from the organizers.

According to the man in the video, Mayorkun had received a sum of Three Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira from them to perform in their show in Warri.

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Unfortunately, the singer refused to turn up for the show.
He now made a video where he showed some respect to Toyin, Mayorkun’s mother, begged her to speak to her child, adding that all they needed is their money and not the singer scheduling another date for them after the show he was called for has ended.
He told her that they will fight him with the law if he refused to comply as they willed.
Watch the video below: Man Threatens To Sue Mayorkun

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