Do This On Your Wedding Night To Strengthen Your Bonds

Wedding Night

It has been proved in so many occasions that there is no country that couple goes through terrible stress during and on their wedding day like Nigeria.

Am sure the married couples can testify that in two days to your wedding ceremony, the two of you are already ageing due to much stress from either personal preparations, troubles from either family and sometimes the person to join the wedding.

Calls keep coming in from different angles seeking your attention from the right and left as if you are an MTN customer care agent. Lol.

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Funny enough, on your wedding day, most especially if you are a Christian, hours to your joining usually be like hell. It is then that relatives of the woman will remember that one rite is remaining to be fulfilled. Traditions will want to show up. lolz.

After the wedding again, instead, them to allow you guys waka go your home. Noo no be for my Naija. Reception ground is another annoying event where you will be forced to do some fun stuff you don’t like. Well, sometimes it’s fun though.

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However, after all the above, it is not too good for the two of you to get home again and be pounding each other. Nooo. Haba when you are already each other’s property? Biko rest na.

Do these things instead:

1- Both of you should Freshen up with cold or a bit warm water

2- Make some jokes from the whole events

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3- Agree on your sleeping time daily

4- Remind yourselves of your first meeting before marriage

5- Apologise for all errors during courtship and wedding events

6- Pray together, and enjoy a deep sleep clogged into each other to feel warm till daybreak.

Every other thing can start the following day. Why are you angry at me naaa? Oga/Madam, na just one day jor. Lol. Just one day. Enjoy your home.



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