Reasons Why Nigeria Is Called The Giant of Africa

Do you know why Nigeria is being called the giant of Africa? I guess you don’t know, too. You just grow up only to see people referring to Nigeria as an African giant, isn’t it?

History teaches us that Nigeria got her independence in 1960 and become a Republican state in 1963 but yet, Nigeria wasn’t the first country to gain her freedom from the colonial master’s tyrant rules.

How then did Nigeria manage to overthrow all the countries that got their independence before her? Luck…maybe. There is no magic there, and it is more of a reality than being a myth.

Well, 9jatoday will has always given you amazing facts and reasons why Nigeria is often called the giant of Africa.

Reasons Why Nigeria Is Called The Giant of Africa

If you’ll be doing your final year research project in school or your presentation topic is basically on this topic of discussion, then below are incredible reasons why Nigeria is really the giant of Africa.

Intellectually Ahead

Nigeria is full of talents that are creative enough to be noticed anywhere in the world. Till today, Nigeria holds the magnificent record as the first-ever black nation in Africa – and in the whole world at large – to ever manufacture a car locally.

Similarly, Nigerian values education more than any other African nation and that’s why the giant of Africa is having the largest university graduate among its African nation.

Satellite Launch

Nigeria is called the giant of Africa is never an overstatement, it is just the truth. The first black nation to ever launch a successful space satellite is Nigeria.

Fast-Growing Economy

One of the attributes of a great nation is the standard and booming economy. Research shows that Nigeria has the 4th fastest growing and growing economy in the whole world.

What’s more, during the former President regime, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Nigeria’s economy was ranked as the second-largest in Africa with a GDP of $400 million annually.

In addition, in the 21st century, the only African country that made the list of the “Next Eleven” countries forecasted to have the biggest economies in Nigeria.

Most Populous Black Country

It is without a doubt that the most populous black nation on Earth is Nigeria with over 180 million population census. Also, she’s ranked as the 8th most populous nation on Earth after the likes of China, India, the USA, and the other four.

Highest Prosperous Middle Class

Also, Nigeria is not the African giant by mouth, it has all the needed attributes to be called one. She is the only African nation to have about 50 million prosperous middle class.

Leadership Qualities

Talking about Africa’s foreign policy, Nigeria is seen as a qualitative leader in both the economy and African politics. She has rendered numerous assistants to African countries that are in need of support.


In conclusion, there is no country in the world that you wouldn’t find a Nigerian there. So calling Nigeria the “Giant of Africa” is an appellation that is worth it.