Amazing Things The New Nokia 5G Network Can Do

Nokia 5G

First, it was 2G, followed by 3G, then 4G and now, the Nokia company is currently on the  5th generation (5G) cellular network. Such is the way and manner the technology companies are upgrading and introducing new tech products and services.

The 5G wireless technology for smartphones or digital cellular networks came into limelight in 2019. But recently, there is this buzz going around the fifth-generation cellular network as many companies keep wondering what the network is capable of doing.

Well, I’ll answer that almost everything!

Without wasting precious time, with the new Nokia fifth-generation cellular network, the following are what it worth and capable of doing. Remember, the network service provider is aimed at changing – virtually- the way we do everything.

  1. Fixed Wireless Access

The Nokia 5G cellular network is built in such a way that it has fixed wireless access within homes and businesses. It is capable of transmitting broadband-like speed into more places, even to the environment where there is no wired infrastructure in existence.

  1. Analytics and Video Surveillance

In case you don’t know about this, the 5G’s cellular network high capacity and low latency can also create a smarter space via augmented video surveillance and analytics.

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Plus, the wireless cameras placed on drones or in very high places will aid safety and enhance security when rendering footage service that could improve any industry in decision-making.

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  1. Immersive Experiences

Nokia’s new 5G network also supports the new and immersive experiences in virtual reality. The 360-degree virtual reality will ensure people have fun when playing interactive games as though they are playing it in real life. So also in the workplace, the augmented reality (AR) will train workers on how to efficiently handle hazardous situations in a safe manner without causing them harms.

  1. Real-time Overlay

Another thing you probably don’t know about the 5G is that it can be used for real-time overlay in stadiums and event halls. It will aid the venue or concert operators in using the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to take fans “backstage.”

  1. Robotics and Automation

Some manufacturing companies out there are looking for automation and robotics cloud to make their processes simpler and to at the same time eliminate human errors. As such, the human-machine wireless can only be powered by the high-bandwidth 5G network connection.

  1. Connected Vehicles

Similarly, the fifth-generation cellular network also has the ability to make road travelers journey easier, safer and at the same time enjoyable. With the in-car entertainment and information function; the 5G network will enable vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to infrastructure communications thereby informing drivers about any traffic jams to occur.

  1. eHealth

The health institution can also use the 5G to aid care delivery, plus the eHealth services. With the 5G guaranteed uplink speeds, ambulances will be able to transmit emergency data to hospitals so that doctors can begin the diagnosis process before the arrival of the patients.


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