Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World

Do you wish to know the top coldest countries in the world? are you someone who loves it when winter and snow come around with the brisk breeze, and gloomy freezing days filled with hot drinks, coats, and blankets as companions to keep the chill away? Maybe you hate winter and have always wondered if

Full List of All Universities in Lagos State

Lagos state which is located in the Yoruba-speaking southwestern part of Nigeria is well-known as the richest, most educated, and most populated city in Nigeria. This fact has led to one of the largest concentrations of higher institutions in the state to accommodate all its residents. The state’s motto “center of excellence” celebrates the large

Top 10 Richest Cities in Africa

Africa as a continent and a race of dark-skinned people has been regarded as home to some of the underdeveloped and poorest cities in the world. However, in recent decades, Africa as a continent and as a race has started making great strides in developing and improving the continent as a whole in terms of

Full List Of Zoos in Nigeria and Their Locations

The zoo which is the abbreviation of zoological gardens are locations where animals are kept in enclosed spaces to be displayed to the public. These animals may also be bred and some zoos serve as reserves and sanctuary facilities for endangered species. Nigeria has over fifteen (15) zoos scattered across the country ranging from private

Average Salary In Nigeria [In USD and Naira]

The recently revised minimum wage has had a favorable effect on the average salary in Nigeria, resulting in the 1% increase discussed in this article. Monthly payment information is accurate and dependable on this page. Nigeria’s government just approved a monthly minimum salary of N30,000. That is the bare minimum wage in the country for

Top 10 Agritech Companies in Nigeria

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 Agritech companies in Nigeria. The agriculture sector is one of the largest industries in Nigeria, with revenue of more than four hundred billion Naira. The agritech industry has huge potential to grow and become even more profitable in the years to come. As technology advances the

Nigeria President Salary Structure in Naira

According to the constitution, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the country’s first citizen. As a result, it’s unsurprising that he obtains the greatest monthly and annual Nigeria President Salary and allowances. If you’re curious about the Nigeria President salary, this page details the salary and allowances structure from A to Z.