Autumn Synder Biography – Facts About Zack Synder’s Daughter’s Death

Autumn Synder who is popularly known as Zack Synder’s daughter became so popular after her death. She was the daughter of the popular and famous Hollywood filmmaker and director, Zack Snyder. Although not many knew about her during her lifetime, her death made the headlines in 2017 making her popular.

The young Sci-Fi writer had been battling with depression for years before she succumbed to the pressure of death by committing suicide. Her death came as a rude shock to many including Zack Synder, his family, and his numerous fans.

Continue reading Autumn Synder’s biography to learn more about circumstances surrounding her death as well as Zack Synder’s daughter’s life history.

Zack Synder Daughter, Autumn

Early Life and Education

Autumn Synder who is popularly known as Zack Synder’s daughter was born on 27th November 1996 in China. She was adopted at a young age by Zack Synder and his ex-wife, Weber. No one seems to know where her biological parents are as she spent most of her early days in Pasadena in California after adoption. Check out Adam Sandler Net Worth (All You Need to Know)

Zack Synder, Popular Hollywood Filmmaker

Zack Synder later got married to Deborah after separating from Weber. Apart from Autumn Synder whom everyone referred to as Zack Synder’s daughter, there are other 7 children. Out of which some were adopted, 2 were from his past relationship with Kristen Eli and some were his biological kids. Autumn grew up with many siblings including Olivia, Eli, Cash, Sage, Willor, and others.

Concerning Autumn Synder’s education, she enrolled in Sarah Lawrence College where she was honing her writing skills. She would later commit suicide a year before graduating from school. During those days, Autumn dreamt of becoming an actress as she took interest in her father’s work.

Apart from writing and updating her diary, she loves charity and advocating for the less privileged. She was working on a Sci-Fi novel which she intends to use the money generated for charity before her death.

Autumn Synder Cause of Death: How did Autumn Synder Die?

As mentioned above, Autumn Synder was battling with depression for years amidst therapies and medications. Zack Synder was reported to have said that the depressions make her question her worth and identity which he tried to reaffirm. She committed suicide in March 2017. Learn about Chadwick Boseman Biography -(Everything You Need to Know About the Black Panther’s Actor)

Although, the full details about Autumn Synder committing suicide weren’t revealed as her family was shocked and would like to mourn her privately. There were reports online stating her blood is filled with Citalopram, a drug used in treating depression, and Diphenhydramine which is used in reducing anxiety.

Autumn and her father, Zack Synder
Zack Synder and his family

Autumn Synder died at the age of 20 years old causing a whole lot of grief to her father, her family, and others. Her death fuelled a lot of awareness concerning preventing suicides and raising funds by fans for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Furthermore, Zack Synder’s daughter, Autumn committed suicide during the last phase of her father’s movie titled ‘Justice League’. Zack Synder had to transfer the movie to Joss Whedon while informing the public he needs to take some time off to grieve with his family. The movie came out to be a flop as it was later re-launched in 2021. Check out the Biography and Net Worth of Hazel Moder – Everything You Need To Know About Julia Robert’s Daughter

Autumn Synder Personal Life and Relationship

Despite her love for humanity and charity, Autumn kept her life private. Although there were rumors that Zack Synder’s daughter, Autumn is in a relationship with a teenage actor. There was no evidence to support the rumor and it is just heresy. At the time of the death of Autumn Synder, she was single and not in any relationship.


How did Autumn Synder Die?

Zack Synder and his family prefer to mourn Autumn’s death privately, hence there was only a little information about how she died. Although, there were various reports online stating that her blood was intoxicated with Citalopram and Diphenhydramine.

When did Autumn Synder?

Autumn Synder died at the age of 20 years old in March 2017, a year before graduating from Sarah Lawrence College.

How old was Autumn Synder when she died?

Zack Synder’s daughter, Autumn was 20 years old when she commit suicide.