Top 10 Best Insurance Companies in Nigeria

Which are the best Insurance companies in Nigeria? Just imagine someone who wakes up in the morning to the sad news that his properties got burnt. That is the worst thing that could ever happen to someone, it might be a car accident, fire, water accident, and every other form of accident.

When you are insured then all these won’t be something to worry about, insurance serves as a backup in case something bad happens.

What is Insurance?

Insurance can be considered as a system of protection of the person and their assets against various events that threaten their physical integrity, their state of health, their economic situation, or their properties.

This acts as a way to relieve one from a loss or pain which happens unexpectedly and that is the main reason why insurance is very essential not to the rich alone but to everybody.

We have different types of insurance you can subscribe to like life insurance, properties or finance insurance, investment insurance, and many more.

The money you pay to subscribe to any form of insurance is called an insurance premium, you as a policyholder have to pay the fee to the insurance company or agency either monthly or on a yearly basis.

Note that insurance premiums can also be a liability because you are expected to provide coverage for future claims before you can get the relief.

The insurance companies don’t just collect your money, they ensure the security and welfare of their subscribers and will stand in for you when the need arises.

They provide you with many services and even with financial support to enable your business to grow, no matter the negativity that may hit your business or assets, the insurance company you subscribed to will fill in the gap for you.

If you want to know which insurance company to go for then there are some things you have to consider to know which insurance company fits you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Good Insurance Company

1) Recommendations

You need to meet with some of those that already have an insurance package and seek advice from them, let them recommend it for you because they have seen it all, and the experience they have gotten cant to be overlooked. So the recommendation from satisfied existing customers is very important.

2) Good Customer Service

You need to make investigations about how swift their customer service agents are. you need to go online to their official website or even send them emails, chat with them up, or even call them and get to know how reliable they are according to their response.

Also, you are advised to read through their insurance policy, terms, and conditions and be satisfied with the terms before making a decision to subscribe to them.

3) Affordable Premium Pricing

The most important thing to check is knowing if their service is affordable, making sure you get the value for your money so you shouldn’t overpay, and making sure while having this in mind you also settle for the best quality of service.

4) Multi-Policy Discounts

Should in case you want to buy more than one insurance policy then you have to be on the lookout for an insurance company that offers a multi-policy discount, this will even save you more money.

5) Convenience

Convenience should be considered too, you need to go with an insurance company that doesn’t stress you out, we are in a technology age and everything is being automated. Check if their website allows you to easily subscribe and make payments.

Make sure they have a stable website with a chat feature, also support ticket feature with constant emails regarding the service they provide you with your receipt and every other detail mailed to you.

Top 10 Insurance Agencies in Nigeria

Are you looking for the best Insurance Companies In Nigeria? Insurance is basically the pool of risk and it is one of the reasons why people insure their life, property, and money. People insured to escape any kind of unforeseen burden or events that may affect life and property.

Many people and organizations used insurance as a future shield to help guide against inevitable hazards that may ruin the business, family, education, and so on.

Hence, if you’ll be registered with an insurance company against future occurrences, take your precious time to consider the top insurance company in Nigeria.

Below, we have provided you with the top 10 Insurance Companies in Nigeria, any of the insurance companies on this list has been tested and trusted with a recommendation from people.

1. Lead Way Assurance Company

Leadway Insurance was founded in 1970 and is a very popular insurance company in Nigeria. Leadway is one of Nigeria’s largest insurance companies known to offer services on general commercial insurance including Life and pension insurances.

While they render allied financial offerings, Miscellaneous economic losses, Secured Credit, Bond and Portfolio management are also part of their policies.

Leadway Insurance has a very strong online presence and its official website is, they respond to messages swiftly, and also you can reach them on their displayed emails, phone numbers, and other social media platforms. Leadway Insurance is currently the best insurance company in Nigeria with its headquarters located in Lagos State.

Lead way assurance company offers both life and general insurance services.  They have an effective social media presence with efficient computerized operations that promote efficiency.

Their insurance policies include:

Family Benefits plan;

Education saving plan;

Personal saving plan;

Lead Way saving plan;

Term assurance plan; etc.

2. Aiico Insurance PLC

AIICO Insurance was founded in 1963 and has since maintained stable services to its customers. With Aiico you can get an income funding plan, a three-payment plan, an Education funding plan, Travel insurance, corporate saving plan, Term guarantee plan, Flexible endowment plan, or an Electronics equipment policy plan, then AIICO Insurance Plc is your best shot.

Since it was founded they have centered its focus on, Life guarantee an annuity, general insurance and special dangers, Health insurance, Pension control, and Asset control, etc.

Their official website is and you can get every other information you want on it like chat, email address, and even their offices.

AIICO Insurance Plc is another leading insurance company that was established in 1963. it is a pensions management, insurance, and asset management Group.

Are you looking for the best Insurance Companies In Nigeria? Insurance is basically the pool of risk and it is one of the reasons why people insure their life, property, and money.

AIICO key business lines include:

Life assurance and annuity;

General insurance;

Special risks;

Pension management;

Health insurance; and

Asset management.

3. Cornerstone Insurance PLC

Cornerstone Insurance Plc was founded in 1991 and is one of the early indigenous birds in the Nigerian insurance industry with a good reputation.

Most people attest to getting quality service from Cornerstone Insurance PLC and that is why it is one of the best insurance companies in Nigeria and even got certified by the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) to do both Life and General group coverage.

Cornerstone Insurance’s official website is and you can do everything you wish to right on the website, one of the easiest to operate.

This insurance company is re-certified and licensed by the National Insurance Commission to render both Life and general business insurance service.

Their services include:

Travel insurance plan;

Motor insurance plan;

School fee plan;

Halal Takaful plan;

Investment plan;

Home insurance plan, among others.

4) Custodian and Allied Insurance

With Custodian and Allied Insurance, you are open to a series of policies to choose from, no doubt this insurance company is one of the best insurance companies you can trust. You can choose from the range of policies from an Immediate Annuity plan, Tuition safety plan, Investment plus plan, Travel coverage, Auto insurance plan plan to Capital plan.

You can connect to Custodian and Allied Insurance via their official website

One of the top insurance companies in Nigeria is Custodian and Allied Insurance. Its purpose is to innovatively enhance, package, and deliver insurance products that suit customer needs.

Some of the insurance policies they offer are:

Tuition protection plan;

Investment plus plan;

Auto insurance plan;

Capital plan;

Travel insurance plan, etc.

5) AXA Mansard Insurance Company

AXA Mansard is an international establishment that has been in Nigeria since 1989 with over 107 million clients in about 60 countries.

This insurance company has stood the test of time and the fact that they are international makes the company more reliable and trusted.

They offer various insurance packages that suit everyone and their official website is

This is another top insurance company you can trust in Nigeria. It is a conglomerate group of independent businesses, running in line with the binding laws of many countries of the word.

6. Continental Insurance

Continental Insurance is another insurance company that made it on our top 10 best insurance companies in Nigeria mainly because of their recommendation and service quality.

Continental Insurance is one of the top insurance companies in Nigeria and we recommend them if you wish to subscribe to Business Insurance Plan, Home Insurance, Pet Insurance, Auto Insurance, and every other basic insurance.

Continent insurance offers its customers different policies and among them are:

Insurance plan;

Pet Insurance plan;

Auto Insurance plan;

Home Insurance plan; and

Business Insurance plan.

7. Industrial and General Insurance PLC (IGI)

IGI was founded in 1991 and it has subsidiaries, in Gambia, Ghana, Rwanda, and Uganda, and representative offices in London and Washington, DC.

Their key focus is Life and General insurance, which includes Pensions and Special Risks. Industrial & General Insurance PLC has over the years backed by a very strong capital base with first-class professionals with the use of modern information technology.

Industrial and General Insurance Insurance plans are:

  • Health Insurance Plan
  • Group Life Products plan
  • Aviation Insurance plan
  • General Business Insurance plan
  • Oil & Energy Insurance plan
  • Engineering Insurance plan
  • Marine Insurance plan

IGI’s official website is and you can make inquiries about all the services they provide.

8. Lasaco Assurance PLC

Lasaco Insurance was founded on December 20th, 1979 though they got the license to operate in Nigeria on July 7, 1980, and officially started operations on August 1, 1980.

They have quite a number of insurance plans you can subscribe to like a Motor coverage plan, insurance plan, Aviation, Professional indemnity plan, Marine coverage plan, Fire and Special insurance plan, Bond coverage plan, Personal twist of fate plan, Money coverage, and Householder’s Insurance plan.

Lasaco Assurance is a well-known company in Nigeria and has gotten trust from its customers nationwide. The official website of Lasaco Assurance is

Known as Lagos State Assurance Company and it was Licensed on 7th July 1980 as an insurer.

Its policies include:

Money insurance;

Aviation insurance plan;

Motor insurance;

Marine insurance plan; etc.

9. African Alliance Insurance PLC

The African Alliance Insurance plc was founded in 1960 and has since been a reliable and trusted insurance company in Nigeria. It has its unique policies which makes it different from every other insurance firm in Nigeria.

Its policies include a Direct debit form plan, Esusu plan, Investment guarantee plan, Individual warranty plan, Group lifestyle warranty plan, and Annuity guarantee.

Alliance Insurance Plc is a trustworthiness insurance company that render insurance policies on:

Annuity assurance plan;

Esusu plan;

Group life assurance plan;

Individual assurance plan;

Direct debit form plan; and

Investment assurance plan.

10. Goldlink Insurance PLC

Finally on our list of top ten best insurance companies in Nigeria is Goldlink Insurance PLC, this insurance company is mostly loved by the aged though its policies are suitable for everyone.

Their insurance plans include Fire and Special Perils, Oil, and Gas, Motor Insurance, Travel Insurance, and Life and Pension.

Goldlink is licensed to underwrite both Life and General insurance services.

Its  policies include:

General accident plan;

Compulsory Insurance plan;

Individual Life Insurance plan;

Engineering Insurance;

Liability policies plan;

Group Life Insurance plan

Marine & Aviation plan;

Oil and Gas plan; etc.


It is very important to subscribe to an insurance package especially life/health, properties, and investments. When you are insured you automatically have peace of mind and there won’t be fear of loss when doing business, this alone will make you achieve a lot compared to when you don’t have a backup.

Now is the right time to subscribe to one Insurance Companies in Nigeria, and if you love this post kindly share it with your friends.

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