Top 10 Best Insurance Companies In Nigeria

Are you looking for the best Insurance Companies In Nigeria? Insurance is basically the pool of risk and it is one of the reasons why people insure their life, property, and money.

Are you looking for the best Insurance Companies In Nigeria? Insurance is basically the pool of risk and it is one of the reasons why people insure their life, property, and money. People insured to escape any kind of unforeseen burden or events that may affect life and property.

Many people and organizations used insurance as a future shield to help guides against inevitable hazards that may ruin business, family, education and so on.

Hence, if you’ll be registered with an insurance company against future occurrence, take your precious time to consider the top insurance company in Nigeria to be listed below.

  1. Custodian and Allied Insurance

One of the top insurance companies in Nigeria is Custodian and Allied Insurance. It purpose is to innovatively enhance, package and deliver insurance products that suit customer needs.

Some of the insurance policies they offer are:

Tuition protection plan;

Investment plus plan;

Auto insurance plan;

Capital plan;

Travel insurance plan, etc.

  1. Aiico Insurance Plc

AIICO Insurance Plc is another leading insurance company that was established in 1963. it is a pensions management, insurance, and asset management Group.

AIICO key business lines include:

Life assurance and annuity;

General insurance;

Special risks;

Pension management;

Health insurance; and

Asset management.

  1. Lead Way Assurance company

Lead way assurance company offers both life and general insurance services.  They have an effective social media presence with efficient computerized operations that promote efficiency.

Their insurance policies they include:

Family Benefits plan;

Education saving plan;

Personal saving plan;

Lead Way saving plan;

Term assurance plan; etc.

  1. Cornerstone Insurance Plc

This insurance company re-certified and licensed by the National Insurance Commission to render both Life and general business insurance service.

Their services include:

Travel insurance plan;

Motor insurance plan;

School fee plan;

Halal Takaful plan;

Investment plan;

Home insurance plan, among others.

  1. AXA Mansard Insurance Company

This is another top insurance company you can trust in Nigeria. It is a conglomerate group of independently businesses, running in line with the binding laws of many countries of the word.

  1. African Alliance Insurance Plc

Alliance Insurance Plc is a trustworthiness insurance company that render insurance policies on:

Annuity assurance plan;

Esusu plan;

Group life assurance plan;

Individual assurance plan;

Direct debit form plan; and

Investment assurance plan.

  1. Goldlink Insurance Plc

Goldlink is licensed to underwrite both Life and General insurance services. It  policies include:

General accident plan;

Compulsory Insurance plan;

Individual Life Insurance plan;

Engineering Insurance;

Liability policies plan;

Group Life Insurance plan

Marine & Aviation plan;

Oil and Gas plan; etc.

  1. Continental Insurance

Continent insurance offers its customers with different policies and among them are:

Insurance plan;

Pet Insurance plan;

Auto Insurance plan;

Home Insurance plan; and

Business Insurance plan.

  1. Industrial and General Insurance Plc

Started its business operations in January 1992 and render many insurance policies. Some of which includes:

Engineering Insurance plan;

Group Life Products plan;

Mobile Phone Insurance Plan;

Health Insurance Plan;

Aviation Insurance plan, etc.

  1. Lasaco Assurance Plc

Known as Lagos State Assurance Company and it was Licensed on 7th July 1980 as an insurer.

It policies include:

Money insurance;

Aviation insurance plan;

Motor insurance;

Marine insurance plan; etc.

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