Best Online Shopping Sites in USA ([year])

Do you know the best sites to buy in the USA? They are heaven when it comes to online shopping.

The possibilities are endless and the prices are minimal compared to those some other countries.

Furthermore, the products have very high quality, higher than in other countries, such as  China.

There are so many excellent online stores that it’s difficult to know where to start.

So, to solve this problem, we created this list of  the best sites for importing from the USA .

These are companies that we know and trust, and that are among our customers’ favorites (we receive and redirect boxes from these stores daily).

It is very likely that most of them do not send their purchases directly to your country. But that won’t be a problem because you’ve already  learned how to import correctly , right?

If you haven’t read it yet, that’s okay: we’ll wait! But be sure to read because you could be wasting a lot of money.

Did you read it? Excellent! So let’s go shopping.

1. Amazon

This is the largest online retailer in the world.

On  Amazon, you can find practically anything: clothes, electronic equipment, dietary supplements, musical instruments, toys, cosmetics, etc.

So, our tip is: look here first.

On this website, the entire purchasing process is very intuitive, from opening an account to finalizing the order.

As many products are not sent, most of the time, it is necessary to rely on an order redirection company.

2. Macy’s

One of the largest department stores, with emphasis on home items: bed, table, bath, decoration and clothing, sporting goods, beauty products, perfumes, shoes, bags, watches and even jewelry.

This store  accepts purchases with cards issued and also ships directly to our country.

Despite this, shipping can be very expensive, which ends up taking away the biggest advantage, which is savings. It’s best to use the  respacho service , which receives and resends your purchases.

3. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy  Hilfiger  has high quality clothing and accessories and is full of promotions. It also has a section called Outlet: pieces from the previous season with incredible discounts.

These pieces, are still new and can make a  good profit if resold. To purchase, you must use the  assisted purchasing service.

4. Lacoste

This is probably one of the clothing brands most coveted by importers. For those who like polo-style shirts, buying  from this store  is a must.

After all, it has beautiful, comfortable and durable pieces. As they are well known here, they certainly yield good profits on resale.

The prices, however, are higher than Tommy Hilfiger. But this does not reduce its demand, especially with the prices that are charged.

It has a website with a purchasing system similar to the previous item and also does not ship to your country or accept national cards.

5. Aeropostale

One of the most successful casual fashion brands in the North American market and a favorite among teenagers,  this store’s focus  is really on kids and the clothes are very cool.

Prices are competitive and cost less than half of those charged here.

It only accepts international cards or PayPal. One option, therefore, is to purchase a  prepaid card  and top it up for purchases.

Although the website ships directly to your country, this option ends up being quite expensive. So, redirectors emerged, precisely, to try to reduce this value.

Aeropostale is one of the best websites in the United States to make money by reselling clothes in Therefore, we made a video that shows the complete import strategy in this store .

This video reveals all the secrets: from the method to access the official website without difficulties, to tips on how many products to buy at a time to make better use of your shipping and how to receive your purchases.

Would you like to watch this super Aeropostale import guide? Ok… we’ll release it for you, but on one condition: just subscribe to our YouTube channel! Click the button below  and the video will appear below:


A  complete food supplement store  that stands out from the rest for its constant BOGO-style offers (buy one unit and get one free), discount coupons and very informative articles about bodybuilding life.

It offers many vitamin and supplement options, as well as flavors that are not found here.

However, it is necessary to know whether any substance that makes up the product is not prohibited from being imported by ANVISA, so it is interesting to check this information before completing the purchase.

7. Target

Target  is considered the best supermarket in the United States. There are several sections, such as: makeup, home utensils, cheap clothes, stationery, baby products and even electronics.

It is famous for its great promotions, which are constantly renewed to please the public. It also offers free shipping for all products, but only to the USA.

Therefore, to really save money, you can use a parcel redirector.

8. Gamestop

If you like  video games,  Gamestop  will make your eyes shine. The prices are impressive and you can save even more by buying used (but well preserved) games.

There, you can also find games that haven’t even been officially released yet, in the pre-sale phase.

We also recommend using the  assisted purchasing service  to purchase from this store.

Buy online in stores in the United States and receive it at your home.

9. Best Buy

Best Buy  is one of the best electronics stores, overall.

It has a wide variety of items, such as notebooks, digital cameras, iPhones, iPads, video games, Blu-ray and much more, all at good prices.

In the United States, this is one of the most commonly found stores on the streets and some say there is a unit on every corner.

Despite this, it still does not deliver to your country and, to purchase, an international credit card is required.

10. Walmart

It has a multitude of products at great prices. The US Walmart has almost nothing to do with the one in. It sells official Disney items, US team shirts, as well as toys, supplements and electronics.

When accessing the North American Walmart website, you will automatically be sent to the website.

Therefore, you will need to use an IP masker to hide your address and be able to buy at the same prices there, all legally.