Best Polytechnics In Nigeria: Top 10 Latest Ranking

What are the best polytechnics in Nigeria? This post covers the top 10 best polytechnics in Nigeria and every detail you need to know about them.

In our previous post, we published the top 10 best universities in Nigeria and it will make a whole lot of sense to write about the top ten polytechnics in Nigeria too as you can choose your choice of an institution on both articles.

As we all know, the Polytechnic is also a higher institution and it offers different courses which you can find in the universities, though the University is highly rated than the polytechnic, recently the Federal Government has removed the dichotomy between the two especially HND which is more advanced.

The polytechnic Institution doesn’t only provide technical and vocational education and training, it is also part of the countries economy and the development of the Nation.

You can get certified as a National Diploma (ND) holder or the Higher National Diploma which is called the HND or even advance further to the Professional Diploma.

One thing is to have a Diploma and another is to have it from a reputable and highly ranked institution, this will certainly assist you in your career path and also in getting good jobs.

You have to consider the reputation of the institution, its moral standard, facilities, and also the environment as this will facilitate the quality of knowledge that will be obtained from the institution.

If you have been looking for the best option to go with then we have provided you with well-detailed information we have personally gathered and also according to their rankings.

1. Yaba College of Technology – (YABATECH)

Yaba College of Technology, which is popularly known as YABATECH, is the oldest polytechnic in Nigeria and it was founded in 1947, located in Yaba Lagos State.

Being Nigeria’s first higher educational institution this school is the best polytechnic in Nigeria with good ranking and facilities. YABATECH is a reputable institution and is one of the most popular polytechnics in Nigeria.

Yabatech currently has the capacity to enroll over 16,000 students and is the first higher institution in Nigeria to establish a centre for entrepreneurship development and they have a research unit that does collaborate with private sector organizations.

The school official website is and the school is known for its smooth academics and various academic achievements. Yabatech motto is “Labore Et Veritate.”

Yaba college of technology offers over 50 accredited courses of which we will mention some, e.g environmental studies, sciences, engineering, management and business studies, liberal studies, arts, technology, design and printing, technical and vocational education.

2. Polytechnic Ibadan – (IBADAN POLY)

The Polytechnic Ibadan popularly known as “IBADANPOLY” is yet another one on our top 10 best polytechnics in Nigeria, founded in 1970 and situated in Ibadan in Oyo State, Nigeria.

Just like other polytechnics in Nigeria, The Polytechnic Ibadan is an institution that provides an alternative higher education to universities in Nigeria, most especially in technical skills acquisition.

This school is well funded and it is so sure that studying here will be cool, having a serene learning environment and up to date learning facilities to assist you in learning.

Ibadan Poly shares border with the mighty University of Ibadan, this means student to student relation will make learning fun.

Just like the universities, IBADANPOLY operates on a faculty system and presently has 5 faculties which are engineering, science, environmental studies, business and communication, and finally financial and management.

Ibadan poly official website is and its motto which is a unique slogan written in the Yoruba language as “Ise loogun Ise” which means ‘Work (is) the medicine for poverty’, this is a classical Yoruba adage which stresses that hard work is the way out of abject poverty.

3. Federal Polytechnic Nekede – (NEKEDEPOLY)

The Federal Polytechnic, Nekede alternatively called NekedePoly is a federal government-owned higher institution which is located in Nekede, a town in Imo State, South-Eastern Nigeria.

The main reason for the establishment of this school is based on the need for technology, engineering, and manpower in science so as to promote the economic development of Nigeria.

This institution has a very neat learning environment and is well funded by the government so you should expect quality education.

NekedePoly tops when it comes to admission of applicants in the eastern part of the country and this will be a nice choice to go for

The official website of Federal Polytechnic, Nekede is and its motto is “Knowlege and Skill for Service”.

4. Kwara State Polytechnic – (KWARAPOLY)

Kwara State Polytechnic with its short name KwaraPoly is a Nigerian tertiary institution established in 1973 by Col. David Bamigboye the then Military Governor of Kwara State.

The polytechnic is located in the capital city Ilorin and it is one of the best polytechnics in Nigeria with a good learning environment and well-organized learning structure.

In Kwara Poly, you will find a world-class building and a well-equipped library with qualified lecturers.

KWARAPOLY official website is and its motto is “Technology, Innovation, and Service.”

5. Moshood Abiola Polytechnic – (MAPOLY )

The list of best polytechnics in Nigeria won’t be complete if Moshood Abiola Polytechnic isn’t mentioned. Popularly known as MAPOLY the polytechnic was founded in 1979 in Abeokuta Ogun State Nigeria.

Mapoly according to history is known for cultism though this doesn’t deter the serious students from obtaining the best education from the institution and also the number of applications increases every year as the school is a top choice school.

Moshood Abiola Polytechnic official website is and its motto is “Technology for Development.”

6.Imo State Polytechnic – (IMOPOLY)

When it comes to style and swag just give it to Imo State Polytechnic, the institution was founded in 1978 as the Michael Okpara College of Agriculture, Umuagwo, and then later upgraded and renamed to Imo State Polytechnic in 2007.

In Imopoly you get hands-on skills in science, technology, innovative arts with quality learning. the school has a conducive environment and well-exposed students.

If you are going for a course in agriculture or sciences then this should be your choice of institution.

The agriculture department in 2009 came up with research and developed 43 varieties of high yielding cassava which placed the institution in a spotlight and made it a choice of most admission seekers.

Imo State Poly is the best choice if you want to study agriculture, the official website of IMOPOLY is and motto “Knowlege, Food, Shelter.”

7. Lagos State Polytechnic – (LASPOTECH)

The Lagos state polytechnic popularly known as ‘Laspotech’ is a government-owned tertiary institution that was founded in the year 1977 located in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.

The school is located in the commercial city of Nigeria sure is well funded and it is a school where we have more exposed and intelligent students.

Lagos State Polytechnic offers these courses; Technology, Business Management, Engineering, and many more just to mention few.

Laspotech is one of the institutions with the best engineering department in Nigeria and has its curriculum being updated regularly so as to meet up with international standards.

The official website of LASPOTECH is and its motto is “Mission and Professionalism.”

8. Auchi Polytechnic

Auchi Polytechnic is also one of the best polytechnics in Nigeria and it is one of the first four Polytechnics established in Nigeria in the year 1963.

The polytechnic is sited at Auchi in Edo State Nigeria. The school is known to always maintaining its academic calendar and also updating and making more research so as to meet up with international standards.

9. Federal Polytechnic Ilaro – (ILAROPOLY)

The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro is another polytechnic in Ogun state that made it on our list of best polytechnics in Nigeria. Established in 1979, the institution has acquired a distinct reputation and is also one of the most sought for.

Federal Poly Ilaro is well known for its academic calendar stability and has two campuses which are the West and East campuses.

The official website of Federal Polytechnic Ilaro is and the motto is “Technology Towards Development.”

10. Federal Polytechnic Oko – (OKOPOLY)

Federal Polytechnic, Oko is another Federal Government-Owned Polytechnic located in Oko, Anambra in the Eastern region of Nigerian.

The polytechnic was previously known as the College of Arts, Science, and Technology and later upgraded and changed to Federal Polytechnic Oko.

This polytechnic has some distinct qualities that will make every student and parents love it, moral practices are taken seriously and high discipline.

Here you get to see some modern buildings, serene environment, and upgraded facilities which will make learning enjoyable.

In conclusion, if you have a taste for a quality learning environment, equipped laboratory, entrepreneurship, or skill acquisition then the list provided above will satisfy your want.


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