Best-Selling Samsung Phones In The World

Which are the best-selling Samsung phones? Among all the mobiles that are bought and sold around the world, there are brands that stand out above others and of course some specific models. According to the latest data provided by Canalys, in the last quarter no more and no less than 5 Samsung phones have crept into the Top 10 of the best sellers worldwide. This figure exceeds what we have seen in all this year and says a lot about what the firm offers.

Although Samsung’s cutting-edge technology is found in the latest Galaxy Note 20 and of course in Samsung’s folding mobile phones, what most users need are cheap terminals that offer the best features and in that Samsung has a lot to say and offer.

If you need a new smartphone, surely you are interested in knowing which of the Samsung devices are among the top best-selling Samsung smartphones. We will help you make the right choice.

What are the best-selling smartphones?

Before getting to know everything that each one can offer us, we want to show you all the data about the Top 10 of the third quarter of this year. In the first two positions, we find the iPhone 11 next to the iPhone SE, thus leaving Apple with a large part of the podium, although nevertheless, the Samsung Galaxy A21s is very close.

The following posts are clearly for Samsung where the Galaxy A11 and Galaxy A51 take the lead. Xiaomi could not miss either, placing its Redmi Note 9 and Redmi 9 in the middle of the table.

Another of Samsung’s series A mobiles among the best sellers in the world is the Galaxy A31, which is being pursued by the modest Redmi 9A and again by the Galaxy A01 Core to close the table. Although looking at this data we do not know which of these phones we would have to buy if we are interested in renewing ours, having a greater number of sales does not mean that it is better for us.

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Best-Selling Samsung Phones In The World

1- Samsung Galaxy A21s

Samsung Galaxy A21s - Best-Selling Samsung Phones In The World
Samsung Galaxy A21s – A smartphone that does not lack anything

Samsung Galaxy A21s is the best-selling Samsung phone and if what you are looking for is a smartphone that is loaded in all aspects, including performance, battery and cameras, but does not lack anything, the Samsung Galaxy A21s is possibly your best option. 

We can enjoy its 6.5-inch screen, take photos with its 48 Mpx, wide-angle, macro, and portrait lenses, enjoying the mobile all day with the 5,000 mAh it includes.

2- Samsung Galaxy A11

Samsung Galaxy A11 - Best-Selling Samsung Phones In The World
Samsung Galaxy A11 – An inexpensive but equally capable mobile

For those who do not want to spend a lot of money, the Samsung Galaxy A11 is an option with which to hit the mark, its low price unique to the Snapdragon 450 processor offers what we need, the power to handle social networks, edit photos and check the news. Its main camera with 13 Mpx and the wide-angle will also not disappoint, even starting to obtain portrait mode with an extra lens.

3- Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung Galaxy A51
Samsung Galaxy A51 – The best design and high power

For those who want to use the mobile phone a lot, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is the perfect mobile. With a careful design, a hole in the screen to offer us a 6.5-inch AMOLED infinite screen and the powerful Exynos 9611 processor that will even allow us to play high-end games without lags.

4- Samsung Galaxy A31

Samsung Galaxy A31
Samsung Galaxy A31 – Cinema screen and infinite storage

If what you need is an Amoled screen to enjoy your favorite series and movies, the Galaxy A31 is one of the most recommended pocket-friendly options. In addition, now we can get the 128GB model with a great discount, which allows us to take advantage of its cameras to record video in 4K and take photos with its 48 Mpx and obtain maximum detail.

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5- Samsung Galaxy A01 Core

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core - Best-Selling Samsung Phones In The World
Samsung Galaxy A01 Core – The most modest of all

Finally on the list of best-selling Samsung phones we find the Samsung Galaxy A01 Core, a terminal that you would not recommend to most users, since we find options such as the Galaxy A11 or the Galaxy A31 with better features and a slightly higher price. The poor material of this model will not be easy to reach the end of the day and therefore saving a little more will make us win.