Top 10 Best Superstores in Lagos, Nigeria

The top ten best superstores in Lagos, Nigeria, are discussed in this article. Because of their popularity and extensive patronage, these grocery chains are typically located in shopping malls and are the most popular tenants of any major shopping mall in the country, particularly in Lagos State. Some, on the other hand, are constructed as a stand-alone structure with a high volume of foot traffic outside of a retail mall.

With the country’s growing population, local and foreign investors have jumped at the chance to invest in top supermarket chains, particularly in urban areas, completely changing the face of shopping in Nigeria, particularly in Lagos State, where almost everything you need, from groceries to household items, cosmetics, food and beverages, electronics, and so on, is all housed in one mammoth shopping mall.

Going ahead, we will identify and debate the top chain supermarkets/superstores now operating in Lagos State, and as usual, we invite you, our valued readers, to keep reading to find out what they are. Let’s get started without further ado.


The ten greatest and most popular superstores/supermarket chains in Lagos, Nigeria are as follows:


Shoprite is unquestionably the largest, finest, and most well-known superstore/supermarket business in Lagos State, if not all of Nigeria. This Superstore is a South African company that has achieved widespread recognition in various African cities, including Lagos. Shoprite’s business model is based on the promise of reduced prices.

This commitment is at the heart of their company, and it has helped them develop into Africa’s largest food store. This supermarket chain is able to provide its clients with a world-class shopping experience on a variety of food products, home goods, and small appliances at the lowest possible costs because of its huge bulk buying power.


Spar is another popular supermarket in Lagos, Nigeria. It is one of the state’s best and largest supermarkets, and it competes favorably with Shoprite in the food and domestic goods sector. Spar is a multi-award-winning grocery and department store chain in the country that delivers the broadest selection of items at the lowest rates to its consumers. Whether it’s for your cooking, home décor, or business needs, this superstore provides everything you and your family need under one roof.

They take pleasure in their many stores throughout Lagos State and Nigeria, as well as their ability to provide the finest possible shopping experience to their clients around the country.


The Prince Ebeano Supermarket is Nigeria’s largest indigenous supermarket, featuring one-stop neighborhood stores that cater to a diverse clientele’s everyday requirements. This Superstore business is a joint venture between two brothers, Mr. Sunday Egede and Mr. David Ojei, with a 50-50 split of the profits. Prince Ebeano Supermarket presently has five locations in Lagos State and Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. This grocery business offers unrivaled experience and dedication in locating high-quality items at unmatched rates and discounts.


Game Stores is another well-known grocery brand in Nigeria, with locations in several major cities, including Lagos. In Lagos State, Game Stores has two supermarket outlets, both of which are in Lekki. Despite their modest numbers in the country as a whole, this superstore is quite popular with Nigerian consumers.


CCD Superstores was my first experience with them, and I was quite impressed with their facilities in Ogudu, Lagos State. This grocery chain provides high-quality items at reasonable rates, and they now only operate in Lagos, with locations in Ogudu, Bariga, and Ogba, with plans to expand as soon as feasible. If you haven’t visited this supermarket before, you should do so because they are top-notch.


Addide Supermarket in Lagos State is another high-end supermarket that sells everything from groceries to baby goods, home items, wines and spirits, and other commodities. They have locations throughout Lagos State, and their services are comparable to those of the other Superstores mentioned in this article.


Market Square is a new grocery retail chain in Nigeria that allows Nigerians to shop for their favorite brands of goods at the greatest rates. Market Square was born out of a strong desire to provide Nigerians with a modern and relevant retail shopping experience as well as a more convenient method to obtain their daily necessities.

To meet the everyday requirements of people, homes, and corporate organizations, this superstore offers a broad selection of prepared and packaged meals, fresh bakes, fresh vegetables, groceries, wines and spirits, toiletries, baby goods, and small domestic appliances. The company’s operations are mostly focused in major cities in Nigeria’s southern region, with its single branch in Lagos State located at Ago Palace Way.


Hubmart is another popular superstore in Lagos that blends international retail standards with high-quality Nigerian goods. The grocery chain is always willing to assist, so you can be confident that you will find what you need when you return. Hubmart includes several sections, including Hubcare, which caters to its customers’ health and beauty requirements, Hubdeli, which functions as a restaurant where freshly prepared dishes can be purchased on the go, and so on. Hubmart is now ranked among the top supermarkets in Lagos State.


Justrite Superstore is a state-of-the-art megastore in Lagos that stocks and sells a wide range of products. The shop is a one-stop retail supermarket in your area that offers a large range of items at reasonable rates, all at your convenience. In the year 2000, the first Justrite Superstore opened in Ota, Ogun State, and it was an instant hit. There are now fourteen (14) Justrite Mega Stores in South West Nigeria, with more on the way. This supermarket chain’s product includes entire ranges of food and general items under one roof, and they can fulfill everyone’s demands at reasonable costs.


This Superstore, like other prominent supermarket chains in the state, is located in the Yaba, Badore, and Victoria Garden City (VGC) regions of Lagos State, and offers excellent items at affordable rates.

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