Top 10 Best Trained Armies in the World ([year])

You’ve read about the Strongest Army In the world and the most powerful army in the world. But have you read about the Top Best Trained Armies in the World?

Every country has an army to protect its land from enemy invasion and as well maintain peace within the country. If you are excited as I am to find out which army makes the list, then you have to journey with us to the end.

Top 10 Best Trained Armies in The World

Armies are important to promote the peace and stability of a nation, important to protect it from enemy attack and invasion. That is why most countries spend a lot of money to ensure their army is well-equipped and fortified.

They are specially trained to carry out special operations which other military arms may not be able to carry out. So, we have listed out below the Top Best Trained Armies in the World.


Country: Britain

The British Rangers Regiment is the number one best-trained army in the world. They are specially trained to carry out a seemingly impossible mission, and they are well known and respected for their ability to be incognito while carrying out their missions.

The British Rangers are trained hard and they engage in several forms of direct operations including airfield seizure, airborne, and air assaults as well as reconnaissance.


Country: Poland

The Polish GROM (Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego) is established with the aim of fighting against terrorism.

To be a member of this army, one has to undergo a mandated to pass a series of tests such as a durability test, a psychological test, “trust” test before they are deemed ready to join the unit.

Also, they are trained excellently in fields such as anti-terrorism, special operations, parachuting as well as sniping.


Country: Israel

The Israeli SHAYETET 13, a branch of the Israeli Navy units and one of the primary Sayeret units of Israel Defense Forces makes our list of the Top Best Trained Armies in the World. The SHAYETET 13 is trained for sea, air, and land engagements.

As such it can carry out sea-to-land infiltrations, counter-terrorism, sabotage, maritime intelligence gathering, maritime hostage rescue, and boarding. For effectiveness and efficiency’s sake, the Shayetet 13 is made up of 3 units.

4. United States Army Special Forces

Country: United States of America

The United States Army Special Forces used to be known as the “S Green Berets” is divided into several elite commando units made up of 12 members each. The Green Berets officers are trained covertly to carry out sabotage, subversion, and Guerrilla War.

The personnel in these units are required to know how to speak a foreign language. Before one is eligible to apply for a spot in one of these units, one needs to have served in the army for a minimum period of three years.

5. Delta Force

Country: United States of America

If you watch Hollywood movies a lot then you must have at one time heard of the Delta Force. A typical movie example is a movie starring Chuck Norris that was released in 1986.

Yeah! This army division of the United States Defense is real. They are one of the best-trained armies in the world coming in at the fifth spot on our list.

Among the lookout for criteria to join this Army is physical strength and stable mental condition. The reason is that this special army division is tasked to perform complex, classified, and dangerous missions directed by the National Command Authority.

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6. Special Service Group (SSG)

Country: Pakistan

It is interesting to see Pakistan produce the next Army in our list of Top 10 Best Trained Armies in the World, that is the Pakistani Special Service Group (SSG), the special forces unit of the Pakistan Army also nicknamed “Maroon Berets” because to their headgear.

The Pakistani SSG is saddled with the responsibility to deploy and execute five doctrinal missions: foreign internal defense, reconnaissance, direct action, counter-terrorism operations, and unconventional warfare.

Their operation further includes search and rescue, counter-proliferation, search and destroy, hostage rescue, information operations, peacekeeping missions, psychological operations, and security assistance.

7. Russian SPETSNAZ

Country: Russia

The Russian SPETSNAZ is a term for Spetsial’noe naznacheniya, meaning “of special purpose” or “of the special designation”. It is the primary elite unit of the Russian military.

SPETSNAZ are highly and skillfully trained in combat via tactics to help them gain great intuition and instinct. Also, personnel in this elite unit can shoot well, take care of their weapons and equipment, are in great shape, and are very well-disciplined.

The Russian Spetsnaz are responsible for carryout various special operations. Additionally, they are known to follow a scientific approach giving them the ability to adapt to security, civilian, police, and bodyguards’ self-defense training.

8. Indian MARCOS

Country: India

The Indian MARCOS (meaning Marine Commandos) is the elite unit of the Indian Navy and is responsible for carrying out special operations.

Personnel of this special Navy unit undergoes rigorous training that lasts for about 2 to 3 years, to forge them into a formidable team. Also, the elite unit makes use of advanced equipment for optimum performance.

9. Navy SEALs

Country: United States of America

We are most familiar with the United States Navy SEALs via Hollywood movies. Also, this elite or special force unit is real and it was founded in 1962.

The Navy SEALs comprise of United States Navy Sea, Air, and Land Teams, and they are the United States Navy’s primary special operations force and as well a section of the Naval Special Warfare Command.

The Navy SEALs are ruggedly trained in various weather conditions and geographical scenarios for adaptability. More so, they make use of advanced weapons and technologies that is unrivaled worldwide.

10. British SAS

Country: Britain

The British SAS (Special Air Service) is an elite unit of the British Army that is undoubtedly one of the leading special units in the world created to undergo specialized missions not suited to other units of the army such as counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, direct action, and covert reconnaissance.

Personnel in this unit undergo a series of training to equip and hone their skills to fulfill their military duties outstandingly.

They are extensively trained in both desert and mountain warfare preparing them for almost every scenario that could arise out on the field during their mission.

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Now you have an inkling about the Top Best Trained Armies in the World. These are elite or special forces known to perform almost seemingly impossible missions excellently and most of their missions are covert.

You don’t want to joke with any of these armies because they have been specially and thoroughly trained to function exceptionally.


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