Best Vocational Skills & Training to Acquire In Nigeria

This article is centered on the Best Vocational Skills & Training to Acquire in Nigeria. Unemployment is still a challenge in Nigeria and that is why the acquisition of vocational skills and training is important and the first step to greatness.

Obtaining vocational skills and training will help you become a business owner and a boss of your own separating you from the unemployed youths in the country. So, if you are wondering about the Best Skills to Acquire in Nigeria, read through to the end.

Best Vocational Skills & Training to Acquire In Nigeria

Considering the high rate of unemployment with many graduates depending on government jobs which is scarce and limited, that is why Vocational Skills Acquisition in Nigeria is very important because you will have a high chance of being employed because of your skill which complements your qualifications and also you can venture to become an entrepreneur. Below are the 7 Best Vocational Skills & Training to Acquire in Nigeria.

First, See Reasons Why You Should Learn A Skill Today

  1. Hairstylist
  2. Aluminum and Steel fabrication
  3. Arts and Crafts
  4. Event Planning
  5. Electrical Engineering
  6. Makeup Artistry
  7. Fashion Designing

1. Hairstylist

As we begin to unveil the Vocational Skills Acquisition in Nigeria that you ought to enroll in right now, we recommend hairstylists to be one of the crucial ones.

Yes! Hairstylists are highly patronized in Nigeria with thousands, in fact, millions of men and women trooping in to their favorite hair stylist place to get a hairdo or haircut. You can train to specialize in either male or female hairstyling; you can also acquire skills in both if you have the time.

2. Aluminum and Steel Fabrication

Aluminum and Steel fabrication is undoubtedly one of the Best Skills to Acquire in Nigeria and also in high demand because of its relevance in Nigeria’s building and construction industry.

Most houses built in recent times have their fittings such as windows, doors, burglaries, etc., made of aluminum. Because of the high demand for Aluminum and Steel fabrication, you can acquire skills in fabricating aluminum windows, doors, handrails, roofing, etc. for newly built houses.

3. Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts are not left out among the Best Vocational Skills & Training to Acquire in Nigeria because of the creative nature of the trade-in producing fascinating and various amazing beautifully designed objects that are made absolutely made by hand or by using only simple tools.

Some of the major arts and craft skill you can learn in Nigeria includes Painting, Drawing, Weaving, Beading, Sewing, and Shoemaking. We consider it to be one of the Best Skills to Acquire in Nigeria where you can make a fortune if you are good and able to deliver.

4. Event Planning

We also include Event Planning among the Vocational Skills Acquisition in Nigeria which is highly profiting. There is not a weekend that there wouldn’t be a social or religious event such as weddings, child dedication, house warming, or burials, among others are held in every area in Nigeria, and trust me, the services of event planners are required.

Event planning is tedious can be tedious and it involves a lot of management and supervision activities. In order to be a complete and well-trained event planner, you need to acquire skills in different areas including catering, baking, resource management and personnel, and many more.

5. Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs are also one of the Best Vocational Skills & Training to Acquire in Nigeria and we consider it to be one of the Best Skills to Acquire in Nigeria. If you have a flair for bolting and unbolting gadgets as well as putting things apart and coupling them together, you can take this passion further by acquiring more in-depth electrical repair skills.

It is a common phenomenon for electrical appliances to become faulty which often propel the owners to take them to electrical repairers to fix them by replacing affected parts. Make sure you fulfill the mandate of acquiring in-depth skills in electrical repairs before you start your own electrical repair business.

6. Makeup Artistry

As we continue to discuss Vocational Skills Acquisition in Nigeria, we also included Makeup artistry among the skills you should consider learning. Looking good is good business and these professionals are the brains behind most of those good looks with their excellent skills in making people beautiful especially the ladies who almost can’t do without cosmetics.

Presently, a makeup artist is booming in Nigeria right now with a high number of makeup artist businesses established at a high rate. You can acquire makeup artist skills and further expand your knowledge by enrolling in formal classes, watching makeup video tutorials on YouTube, better still you can choose to partake in on-the-job training.

7. Fashion Designing

We also find another profession in the beauty industry among the Best Skills to Acquire in Nigeria and that is fashion designing. Fashion design is a lucrative career that deals with designing wear for both men and women of different social statuses and ages.  

Fashion designers also make ready-to-wear clothing for the young and adults of both genders. Acquiring fashion design skills is important so that you can get the needed knowledge of both basics and advanced techniques that will help you be competitive in the fashion industry.


We have come to the conclusion of our article having successfully listed 7 Best Vocational Skills & Training to Acquire in Nigeria. The role of vocational skills and training cannot be undermined in Nigeria because of its role in the economy of Nigeria.

You can enroll in one or any of the vocational training listed in this article. Also, vocational skills & training can be completed within months or a maximum of two years.

We hope you enjoy reading this article and we will like to know what you think about this article by giving us feedback.


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