Best Websites For Downloading TV Series And For Free

This article is aimed at explaining the best websites for downloading TV series and movies for free and how to use them.

When downloading a TV series, you don’t want to be stuck displaying Ads over Ads, yet you are not getting any closer to your download. You also want to be cost-efficient and save up that subscription fee for rainy days.

In doing this, you need to consider what websites are the best and the ones where you can get quality TV series. Not quality alone, but a website with regularly updated TV shows. There are a lot of movie websites up on the internet z but not all will get you quality.

We have listed 10 of the Best Websites For Downloading TV Series. The reason for their quality has also been discussed here.

Best Websites For Downloading TV Series & Movies Free

O2TV is a very nice website for downloading TV shows. It has an attractive user interface with variable contents, which makes it popular among movie lovers.

O2TV has turned to a large fan base, following its current venture into TV series. And unlike other TV shows websites, 02TV is light and very easy on the bandwidth. It supports downloads at up 2.2MB/S of speed.

Also, this TV Series site has an attractive and user-friendly interface. The contents are grouped into separate categories for easy access. It adequately supports magnetic links for easy downloading of your favorite TV shows. Added to these it does not have defined mirror sites.


TVshows 4 Mobile is home to all the latest TV series, shows, movies, and even games. It has one of the largest active community and user bases. The customer support team functions on a 24/7 scheme and is quick to address all queries and concerns.

From the name of the site, you will observe that this site was made specifically for watching and downloading TV series for mobile users. This does not mean that other computer users cannot use this site for downloading TV shows, but it is best for use on Mobile phones.

Just like 02TV, this TV show website has its contents arranged in categories. It also has a search tab and other options for easy perusal of your TV shows. There is a wide range of TV shows available on this site, so you need not worry whether you have a favorite before heading to this site.

A download speed of up to 2.0MB/s is allowed on this site and you can get quality TV series at this speed and more.

This TV site is one of the most visited by Nigerians, for TV series downloads. It has the best collection of TV series, shows, movies, and video games. It has a welcoming and attractive user interface which makes it ideal for novel and experienced users

With its high-quality TV show downloads, which torrent at a speed of over 2.0 MB/s, you can download your favorite TV shows at a go. Current innovations on the site featured advancements in its music downloads and adjustments to its magnetic links. you will also spot age-old torrents with

The support team of this site is one of the best with 24/7 availability on all complaints and concerns on TV shows.

This TV show’s website was formerly known as Fztvseries.

This website is home to some of the latest TV series and shows downloads. Here, you can find all your favorite TV series. Searching for downloads on the latest episodes of different TV shows? Check out this site.

There are lots of movie genres on this site ranging from Sci-fi, Action, Romance, comedy, animation, documentary, war, drama, sports, and lots more.

If you have any queries or other related concerns on TV shows, you can reach out to the active users and developers community. They are the ones that influence which posts would be made and the recurring uploads of fresh content onsite to keep their TV show current and updated.

Due to the increasing popularity of this site, you can download TV series at an average download speed of 2.3MB/s, in yet an attractive and user-friendly interface

On the homepage of this movie site, you can download movies from specific countries. You are also allowed to select TV series and movies from their year of production.

This is a very popular site for downloading TV series, TV shows, and just any video games. Currently, Yify TV launched a section of the site dedicated solely to TV series and shows. Since then, there has been a large collection of some of the latest movie episodes, a large torrent li, st, and a heart-warming user experience.

With about 4.8M torrents to choose from, Yify TV is one of the best picks for TV shows. This movie’s TV has a very intuitive and attractive user interface thus giving easy access to all the available content.

The contents are frequently updated by the users and developer community. It also has very interactive and supportive customer supports for the team. Be sure to contact them for all your queries on TV shows at any time, because they are always available round the clock.

Movie downloads on this site are available in 720p and 1080p video quality.

300MB Films is a free site for TV series downloads where you can have access to the latest TV shows, movies, and series. It has an attractive and simple user interface that features a well-organized layout.

The TV series library collection of this site is relatively small, however, downloads here are easily accessible. This is because old content is regularly cleared from the site, and what you would most likely see here is new content.

The fun part of this site is that it has reliable links for TV show downloads, and although the site may be down sometimes, it is generally stable.

Mp4Mania1.Net is a download site for TV series. It has a very extensive collection of TV series and TV shows in its library.

It is also easy to navigate on this site due to its simple and user-friendly interface. The contents on this platform are arranged in categories for easy access and perusal.

Interestingly, it has very old collections that are hardly found on other platforms, so if you are a classic movie lover, you should head on to this site for your movie downloads. It has an average download speed of 2.7MB/s.

Toxicwap is a site where you can download free TV series, music, movies, and lots of other videos. This site is one of the oldest free TV series download sites.

It has more than 3.5M quality torrents, from which you can check for and access a variety of TV shows and series. Reality shows and late-night TV shows as also available on this platform.

It has a large active community charged with the responsibility of updating the site with new and fresh content on a routine basis. It has a movies download speed of 1.9MB/s

TheNetNaija is a Nigerian website where you can download your favorite movies, TV shows/series, and music.

This site is very responsive on mobile devices for downloads of high-quality movies in a simple and intuitive user interface. The contents are categorized on the homepage for easy access.

The website recently underwent adjustments and redesign to improve its content quality. The new design now more navigable and is more responsive.

This website specializes in Asian TV series and dramas. If you are a fan of Asian movies, then hop on to check out this site.

This platform has millions of some of the latest TV torrents, all available in different video sizes and qualities.

It has a download speed of more than 3.2MB per second

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What we have done in this post is show you some of the 10 best Websites For Downloading TV Series for free. You can check out any of the above-listed websites for your movie download.