Boko Haram Swoops On Damboa, Borno Town

Chad Declares War Zone After Deadly Boko Haram Attack

On Wednesday, there were conflicting reports about the Boko Haram murders in Damboa, Borno state.

While villagers claimed that an unspecified number of people, including security personnel, were killed, Defense HQ (DHQ) said it was unaware of such an attack.

Four policemen and two members of the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) were reportedly killed in the attack.

A member of the vigilante told our correspondent that the insurgents wrote to the villagers about their imminent strike.

He learned that the terrorists had failed attempts until yesterday.

Some residents said that insurgents entered the village with about 30 truckloads of weapons mounted and started firing sporadically.

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“When they started shooting, people started running into the bush. Hunters and some members of the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF), along with the soldiers, engaged them. But it seemed that they were well prepared for a long battle until the soldiers obtained air support. And then, the insurgents started to withdraw, ”said one resident, Adamu Yusuf.

One resident, Isa Adamu, said the insurgents were expected on Tuesday night, but did not show up until Wednesday morning.

It is said that they entered the village from three directions, which almost confused the soldiers.

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Another resident, Sanusi Ibrahim, said ground troops and Air Force support helped soldiers overcome the attackers.

“We were lucky because of the Air Force jet. It would have been a worse experience without them. Soldiers on the ground also did well, ”he said.

Damboa is located between Alagarno and Sambisa Forest.

It was one of the villages vulnerable to attacks by Boko Haram because of its proximity to the famous forest.

It was not possible to officially determine the number of victims last night.

AFP reported that Boko Haram terrorists launched a morning attack on military installations, which sparked intense fighting.

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The terrorists, according to the agency, broke into the base in trucks equipped with machine guns and rocket grenades.

They reportedly tried to invade the community but were forced to leave by the troops after about two hours of intense fire exchange.

More than 50 residents were injured by shrapnel from grenades fired by the terrorists when some dispersed into nearby houses, a local told AFP.

Boko Haram has resumed deadly attacks against friendly forces and unarmed civilians, despite the federal government’s proposed amnesty plans for terrorism.


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