Business And Digital Marketing: All You Need to Know

In the world today, there are a majority of humans are business oriented. Over time, humans have carved their own business in the global world through the use of digital marketing.

The term “Business” and “Digital Marketing” are no strange terms as humans always sort for ways to reach a global audience.

Amina was a girl who sells sachet water around my street, there were many sellers but this girl stood out, she always sells all her sachet water, unlike other sellers.

I decided to ask her how she manages to sell all her water and she gave me the most intriguing reply “you have to make them notice you”.

Ipsos research on digital marketing skills was conducted by Facebook and only less than half of businesses handle them very well. Ipsos is the global leader in market research, they deliver reliable information and true understanding of Society, Markets and People.

Nine out of ten businesses agree that digital marketing knowledge is important for business growth. Yet, only 48% of subjects say digital marketing knowledge is excellent or very good. There is still a strong demand in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector for digital proficient professionals, research has shown that there is still a significant opportunity to strengthen the digital skills of smaller businesses and help them reach their target global audience.

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All business wants to succeed. For the prosperity of a business, many factors matter: the right strategy, loyal employees, a well-established information system and the exact implementation of the digital marketing program. However, today’s successful businesses at all levels have one thing in common – they are as consumer-oriented as possible and all work is based on digital marketing.

All these businesses have dedicated themselves to one goal: understanding and satisfying consumer needs in clearly defined target digital markets. They encourage every employee of their company to create the highest customer value, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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Some believe that only the work of large companies operating in economically developed countries is based on digital marketing. In fact, digital marketing is an essential component of the success of any business, large or small, commercial or non-profit, national or international. Digital marketing has become an integral part of the strategies of many businesses.

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Today, digital marketing is widely used in all countries of the world. Most states of North and South America, Western Europe, and Southeast Asia have widely developed digital marketing systems.

Digital marketing is the marketing of goods and services using digital mediums. At home and at school, at work and during leisure, digital mediums are everywhere, we have the internet and social media. This is the only approach that will allow you to get the desired market share and profit, and reach your target global audience.

The most widely used tools of digital marketing are websites, e-mailing and social media. Of all social media, entrepreneurs most often use Facebook (75%), followed by Instagram (30%) and LinkedIn (28%). In terms of efficiency, websites and social media are best rated. These are particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs.

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Why is digital marketing important?

  1. Digital marketing allows you to reach both online and offline consumers who use tablets and mobile Engaging with a wider global audience
  2. Delivering information to more potential customers in a short time
  3. More powerful impact on the audience.
  4. Increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty
  5. Transparency of measuring the results of a marketing campaign and the ability to make adjustments in real-time
  6. Lower costs compared to traditional advertising.

In recent years, one can observe that digital marketing is a new trend in global marketing, which actively and quickly pushes traditional advertising into the background. The more channels you use to attract customers, the stronger the effect. Create business pages on social networks, shoot videos, attract the attention of “opinion leaders”, collaborate with popular bloggers, combine contextual advertising with SEO, create high-quality content for your audience – all this will help you double your profits and promote the brand to higher levels.


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