Business You Can Start With Your Kids

This day, entrepreneurial spirit is being praised and accepted and people keep starting a business every now and then. Seems there’s no harm in kids joining the game, too.

Business ideas are aplenty that kids can express their wonders, skills, and imagination coupled with the directions of their parents and it will yield magnificent results. If you are looking for business opportunities you can do together with your kids, then the following should serve you well.


Talking about a business you can do together with your kids babysitting really worth mentioning. This business involves looking after children whose parents are busy working in the office. While you will feed them, clothe them and even change their diapers, your kids will be helpful in playing with them as well as lulling them to sleep if the situation arises.

Pets sitting

In this digital age, it’s very easy to get a pet sitting job with just the click of a mouse. While you will be looking after pets during the day or when they is not around and taking them on a healthy walk, it’s important to note that such doings are also kids’ responsibility.

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If you like playing with pets and wouldn’t mind changing that into business, trust me the business will be easy on you as you have kids who will be willing to work together with you.

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Cleaning service

Train your children on how to handle house chores and keep clean of the surrounding. When they get to the satisfactory level, encourage them to market their cleaning ability to others who out of their tight schedule can’t clean up the house.

General home cleaning like mopping, vacuuming, dusting, dishes washing, etc. are all things your trained kids can do for neighbors with – pleasure and enthusiasm – in exchange for money.

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However, being their parent, you should help them in terms of advertising. You can reach out to workplaces like a firm, grocery stores, libraries, and host of others.

Event Decorations

Event decoration is another lucrative business you can start with your kids. While you’ll be decorating the tables and chairs, your kids will be helpful in placing a flower vase on them, blowing and fixing the balloon and many other important tasks can be performed by them.

Importantly, this business idea requires little startup capital for the purchase of the needed materials and designs for the event decoration. As time goes by, you can buy extra materials in case you have several events to decorate in a single day at the same time. If your kids are older, you stand the opportunity to send them over to an event center for decoration while you are plying your own trade elsewhere.

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Laundry and Dry Cleaning

The laundry and dry cleaning businesses are simple as well as easy businesses to start. No capital is intensive and lucrative enough to get potential customers who will be patronizing you. Why don’t you venture into this business with your kid(s)?

Doing laundry and dry cleaning service with the help of your kid(s) will make things easier for you. While you are busy doing some laundry, you can ask them to watch over the washing machine, fill up the water tank, spread clothes on the wire, etc.

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Doing business together with your kids is a good thing. It’s a way of equipping them for the future unknown. Even if the business doesn’t yield as planned, encourage them that failure is an opportunity to try new things.

The business they learn while still young will definitely become part and parcel of them when they grow up.


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