Business Opportunities In British Virgin Islands

We are going international with a lot of things these days, and our business options are one of them too. We know that you must have been enjoying the ways in which we have all been expanding our horizons and seeing how we can make some cool greens legally beyond the mappings of our fatherland, and we are here again with another one. We were colonized by the British and we have imbibed most of their practices already. Don’t you see how it’s just apt that we talk about how to raise a fat bank account on their soil? That brings us to the British Virgin Islands for today, and let’s see how you can make some US Dollars from this region that has sworn its allegiance to Britain.

1. Consultancy on Finance

Starting with the statistics that make this particular business venture reasonable, the sector of financial accounts for more than half of the total revenue that is being generated in the region. To be specific, the contribution of the finance sector to the total revenue of the government stands at a massive 51 percent. You would need to have a very deep knowledge of the financial and tax laws of the land and then, you could apply this to businesses and individuals that need your services. Additional knowledge about the financial and tax laws of other regions could also help you should your clients be looking at a broad investment.

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2. Agriculture

While the financial sector has already taken a massive 51% of the total revenue generated by the economy, the sector of agriculture of the British Virgin Islands is also a good money maker which brings in up to 48 percent of income according to some recent statistics. The country also has very good soil that supports the cultivation and yield of fruits, vegetables, and cash crops such as sugar cane. Livestock etc. Agriculture is also favored by the awesome climate which is coupled with good pasture for grazing. The government supports those that venture into agriculture with soft loans and inputs at regular intervals too. What more are you waiting for?

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3. Recruitment Agency

Like a region that we talked about here last week, the British Virgin Islands is understaffed and would love to add a number of people to the existing workforce. It is hard when all of the work is given to the HR managers of the companies and even, they don’t have an extensive list to choose from. Set up a recruitment agency which would have a lot of people from different disciplines in your database. This way, you would help a number of companies and industries that enlist your services to find just the best man for the job, and you would be in business too. Making people happy to make yourself happy – isn’t that just living the dream?

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4. Boat Building

This is a spin-off from the tourism business and is very important because one of the most popular activities that tourists engage in every year is boating and yacht exercises. Given that the region is an island, it is not a complete expense for any tourist until they have taken a ride on the beautiful ocean body surrounding the beautiful landscape.
While you can work with tourist agencies and the government to build these boats and make them available, you would need to have some experience with building the boat yourself. If you want to make it less labor-intensive on your part, employ those that are experienced in this field and pay them accordingly.

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5. Souvenir Sales

Instead of talking only about tourism which we have pointed to in a number of our other posts, it is better to just give you the spin-offs. Another is the making of souvenirs for tourists to take with them on their way home. This is something that would help them remember their time and stay in the country, and not just remember it, but do so fondly. The souvenir should be thoughtful and should be creative too. Make it affordable and irresistible to them and you would never be out of customers.


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