COVID-19: Ogun State Bans Cinemas, Night Clubs and Gatherings

Dapo Abiodun COVID-19: Ogun State Bans Cinemas, Night Clubs and Gatherings

In an effort to reduce the spread of the new deadly CoronaVirus, the Ogun state government has banned large meetings in cinemas, sports venues, restaurants and nightclubs for the next 30 days.

A statement released by the press secretary of the state governor, Dapo Abiodun, Kunle Somorin, announcing the ban, says:

“So far, other measures taken to accelerate its efforts to stem the spread of the coronavirus, the Ogun state government has considered it advisable to announce the following additional measures:

• Immediate prohibition of all large meetings that bring together 50 or more people in the same place, such as social clubs, corridors, cinemas, nightclubs, restaurants, cafes and sports arenas. This measure will take effect for the next 30 days.

This restriction must be applied without prejudice to people’s fundamental rights to the association and the movement, because the safety of our people and their well-being are priorities that cannot be taken advantage of.

The government will continue to engage all stakeholders, including our religious leaders, to raise awareness among the population about the need to maintain social distance and the collective effort to combat this pandemic.

The government will continue surveillance efforts and increase awareness on COVID-19. This is even more so due to the peculiarity of its location as the Gateway State of the Nation and its industrial capital.

Our epidemiologists and other health professionals are working day and night with federal agencies and international development agencies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In view of the recent confirmed cases in the country, Governor Abiodun assures the population that no stone will be left unturned to ensure that the state is prepared at all times to respond adequately ”.

He also encouraged people to maintain a high level of suspicion and report any suspicious cases to the appropriate authorities.

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