Crystal Bowersox Biography, Teeth, Net Worth, Songs, Where is She?

Crystal Bowersox Biography, Teeth, Net Worth, Songs, where is She?

Crystal Bowersox is a famous American rock singer known for participating in the American singing competition television series, “American Idol” where she became a second-place finalist on Season 9 of the show. It seems nothing much is known about this talented music artist since she left the show. For this reason, we decided to find out what’s up with her, where she is, what she is currently doing, and much more information about her that will interest you. So, stick around!

Crystal Bowersox Biography, Teeth, Net Worth, Songs, where is She?

Below is a brief highlight of Crystal Bowersox Biography so you can get inclined with her details at a glance.

Full Name: Crystal Lynn Bowersox

Birthdate: 4th of August 1985

Age: 35

Birth Place: Elliston, Ohio, United States

Nationality: American

Status: Divorced

Children: Yes (1)

Profession: Singer-Songwriter, Actress

Net Worth: $1 million

Crystal Bowersox Biography, Teeth, Net Worth, Songs, where is She?Crystal Lynn Bowersox was born on the 4th of August 1985, meaning she is 35 years old as of the time of this writing. Her birthplace was Elliston, Ohio, United States, and was born to Kelly Lynn (mother) and William Lester Bowersox (father). Her parents divorced when she was 2-years.

Talking about her education, Bowersox enrolled at Oak Harbor Secondary School in Oak Harbor, Ohio, USA. She was part of the school marching band and she played the flute. She later gained admission to attend Toledo School for the Arts.

Bowersox developed a love for music at an early age. She will sing on the streets, in clubs and concerts. Interestingly, she is gifted and often attracts the attention of audiences with her soulful tune.

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At age 10, Bowersox started writing music and singing. Later on, she formed a band known as Oldinuph alongside her brothers. At the age of 17, she left Elliston for Chicago so that she can further her music career.

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Crystal Bowersox Net Worth

Crystal Bowersox’s net worth is as of this moment an estimate of $1 million. It is quite impressive that a beginner like herself in the music industry can have such a net worth. More so, it shows that she can over time increase her net worth.

Her net worth came from her music shows and albums. She performed in several places before she became a participant in season 9 of American Idol where she ended up as the second-place runner-up.

Crystal Bowersox Career and Songs

When she moved to Chicago at the age of 17 to look for job opportunities, she began to perform as a street artist at several train stations including Redline Lake and Washington stops.

In 2006, she was selected by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs to take part in the Sister Cities program usually held in Birmingham.

In 2007, she went on a tour, traveling to several places including Oaxaca, Mexico, Memphis, Tennessee, Ankara, and Istanbul. By 2011, she debuted as an actress in Body of Proof, and in 2012, she signed with Shanachie Records. She released her first single titled “Up to the Mountain” in 2010.

Bowersox released her first studio album titled “Farmer’s Daughter” in 2010 and her second album titled “All that for This” in 2013 and further on a tour. Still, in the same year, she took part in “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno which made her a participant in the Lancaster Festival.

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In 2017 she released her third studio album titled “Alive”. Furthermore, she released the hit single “Courage to be Kind” in 2020.

What is Crystal Bowersox doing Right Now?

Crystal Bowersox still pursues her music career concentrating on writing and singing just as she had been doing since childhood. She is also preparing herself to take up an acting role been an actress.

Crystal Bowersox Teeth

An interesting attribute of Crystal Bowersox is her gapped teeth which often reveals anytime she smiles. She made it known that she used to wear braces while she was much younger but had to discontinue the treatment due to financial constraints.

However, she has been able to fix the problem and can now smile with confidence.

Crystal Bowersox Biography, Teeth, Net Worth, Songs, where is She?

Crystal Bowersox Personal Life

It is a norm for fans to often show interest in the personal life of their favorite fans. They intend to know their present status whether they are in a relationship and with who or they are not.

From what we gathered; we know that the musician has been in several relationships. However, at the age of 23, while she was on her small Crystal Bowersox tours in Chicago, she became pregnant, but the man responsible for her pregnancy allegedly left when she was a few weeks pregnant. She gave birth to a son named Anthony Levi Mason.

Fast forward, Bowersox tied the knot with Singer Brian L on October 2010, in Walker in Chicago, United States. However, the union was not void of its challenges, and when the couple could no longer cope with one another, they went their separate ways in May 2013.

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By the same year, Bowersox made it announced publicly that she is bisexual, the details of her sexuality are reflected in her song “Coming Out for Christmas”.

As of the time were compiling this informative piece, Crystal Bowersox has not revealed her current relationship status or any plans to have more children.

Crystal Bowersox Biography, Teeth, Net Worth, Songs, where is She?

Where is Crystal Bowersox Now

Crystal Bowersox decided to move to Toledo, Ohio, so that her son, Anthony Levi Mason could spend quality time with his grandparents. She later relocated to Nashville so that she can focus on her musical career. She is still there today as she considers the place her home.

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Crystal Bowersox Social Media Handle

Crystal Bowersox is an interesting personality and interestingly, she is present on social media. This means her fans worldwide have the luxury of communicating with her through her social media handle. She is present on quite a number of them.

To help you connect with her, we have listed below the social media platform she is present through which you can connect with her. More so, she has her website as well.

  • Website:
  • Twitter: @crystalbowersox 
  • Instagram: @crystalbowersox 


Crystal Bowersox is an incredible singer-songwriter who is going places. The fact that she can gather a million fortunes in just her few years in the industry is a sign that she has the sky as her limit in the music industry. We hope to see more of her works soon.


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