Learn the Difference Between Gift and Talent

What is the difference between gift and talent? When someone has perfect resourcefulness when performing a certain activity, they say they have a gift or talent for that. Despite being used in similar ways, the meaning of the word gift is different from the definition of talent and, therefore, represents different characteristics.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this fact, so that we have the opportunity to understand the differences between the two concepts and how they can be applied in the most diverse contexts of daily life.

I invite you to accompany me as you read this content so that together we can learn much more.

What is a gift?

Gift is an innate ability to perform a certain task with skill and mastery, even in aspects where they seem more complex to most people. As an example, we can mention a child who shows an early affinity for playing a certain instrument.

When we talk about ease in performing or learning a certain activity, it is worth remembering that the meaning of the word gift is not synonymous with genius, since this condition occurs only with some individuals and due to brain issues that are still being unraveled by science. The gift can be observed in any type of person.

What is talent?

Despite being very similar to the gift in definition, talent is distinguished by being precisely a skill that can be developed or improved. It is a special taste, an aptitude, a spontaneous predisposition to something, which reaches its fullness through much training, discipline and perseverance. In that sense, being very good at a particular activity just depends on you. The saying goes that “all talent is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”.

The clearest example of this is athletes. In order to be considered really good at what they do, as well as champions in their fields, it takes much more than just enjoying a particular sport. In addition to the passion for what they do, it is necessary that they are fully committed, disciplined with their activities and schedules and, above all, that they are in constant training.

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Do you know what your gift and talent are?

Knowing what your gift and talent are is so crucial to your existence that both terms are used as a life mission. In addition to spirituality, other areas are also benefited when you know your skills better and improve your skills.

Although the meaning of the word gift is directly related to some characteristics with which we are already born, it can only become visible if we practice it. There is no point in being born with something special if we are not properly polished.

In the case of talent, the need to develop what you do with passion is even more evident. It is no use just knowing what activity makes you happy if you do not strive to improve your knowledge and do it well. In this case, your feelings, thoughts and behaviors must be properly conducted to be used productively.

Self-esteem, optimism, perseverance and commitment are some of the elements that talented people usually gather. You may think that developing these qualities has to be a difficult task but, in truth, we all have the capacity to put them into action.

One of the things that great companies do is hire the best people. These successful companies are not afraid to recruit the best candidates from other organizations or to draw talented people from other industries. There are three attributes that are the most important for an organization in hiring: 

1. Attitude:  An employee has a passion for the organization and what he is trying to achieve and is very excited about is being part of the organization.

2. Competence:  An employee has the skills and abilities to do his job, or has the ability to learn the appropriate skills.

3. Mindset:  An employee understands the value of collaborating with colleagues and goes to work every day looking for ways to improve company performance and increase the impact he or she can have on the company.


This is critical to find out what your gift and talent, which will identify the career you want to walk and objectives. That way, you will feel more confident, perform all tasks with mastery and overcome all challenges.

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We all grew up with our own specific characteristics, whether inherited or accumulated and learned over time. And it is exactly the combination of these skills that form our personality and open the way for us to understand our own vocation, what we can do with quality and that brings us extraordinary results, whether in the personal or even professional context.

How to develop gifts and talents?

From the moment you identify your talents, through your self-knowledge process, you need to get your hands dirty and start developing them, so that you can achieve the goals and objectives that you have set personally and professionally in your life.

See how you can do this, below:

Start by valuing each of them

Many people, after identifying their gifts and talents, tend not to value them. This means that they basically do not believe that cooking well, writing, communicating, among many other skills, is nothing much and will not get them anywhere.

In this sense, before anything you are going to do to develop your gifts and talents, it is essential that you value them, as something that is part of you, as something that is unique and that only you have, nobody else.

Once this awareness develops, it becomes even easier to take the next steps toward success.

List your gifts, talents and plan

After identifying and valuing the gifts and talents you have discovered, it is time to list them and plan what you want to build on them, that is, what goals, dreams and objectives you want to achieve, and believe that such skills will truly contribute to obtaining these achievements?

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After clarifying this in your mind, make a plan, accompanied by an action plan, containing everything you need to do, not only in order to achieve what you want but also to improve these gifts and talents that you have discovered.

Over time you will realize that when you perform such actions, you will be evolving considerably, the way you always wanted.

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Improve your knowledge

Another action that contributes to the development of gifts and talents is to constantly improve the knowledge we have. Whether through books, magazines, articles, courses, training, lectures, workshops, in short, the important thing is to always be in a constant updating process, as this will contribute significantly, so that you leave the current state in which you finds itself and goes to the desired state, that is, the one he always wanted to be in.

Before concluding, I want to leave just a reflection that, I believe, can lead you to know and further stimulate this process of developing your infinite potential: What have you been doing to multiply your gifts and talents?


It is essential that you reflect a lot on this, because it will be this thought that will help you get out of your comfort zone, making you really and truly grow in all areas of your life.

Organize your thoughts and actions in this direction and become the successful person you always wanted to be!

Now tell me: did this content make sense to you? Have you been able to identify what gifts and talents you have? Leave your feedback in the comments, always remembering to never forget to share with your friends on your social networks.


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