Ekiti Government Uncovers Ghost Workers

The sum of N20million has been uncovered as monthly salary for 362 ghost workers in local governments in Ekiti State.

This was made known by the Local Government and Community Development Commissioner Prof. Adio Folayan on wednesday.

According to Prof Folayan, prelimimary findings put the ghost workers at 652.

“Further screening by the committee showed that only 362 workers of the initial figure were clarified to be on government payroll as at June 2019.

“The committee recommends that illegal salaries so far earned by the affected workers should be deducted from their pensions and gratuities.

“It also recommends that all involved should be prosecuted for fraud, along with anyone or persons identified to be their accomplices”.

The commissioner emphasized the need for the councils’ heads of department to start enforcing discipline.

“They must introduce schedules of duties to their officers so that errant officers will be punished for any infraction”.

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