Top 5 Essential Business Skills for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

If you are in Nigeria and interested to join the league of independent business owners, then this article on Essential Business Skills for Nigerian Entrepreneurs is for you.

Every day, entrepreneurs are establishing businesses in Nigeria. Becoming an entrepreneur and starting your business is a bold step to take. The truth is taking such a step does not just happen overnight but after years of research and planning.

It is important that as an entrepreneur who wants to establish a business, you should possess some skills that will help you not just to establish but to also grow and expand the business until it becomes a household name.

Top 5 Essential Business Skills for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur that is about to establish a business, you need to have acquired some skills that will give you the flexibility to perform different tasks including management, leadership, communication, execution, and marketing. However, as the business grows and the need to have employees arise, you can begin to delegate such duties.

Entrepreneurs are those who don’t just dream but make it a reality. To be a successful entrepreneur in Nigeria, business skillsets that all you should possess and we have compiled the five Essential Business Skills for Nigerian Entrepreneurs to become successful.

1. Communication

The first Essential Business Skill for Nigerian Entrepreneurs that we recommend is communication skills. An entrepreneur aiming to be a household name should not ignore the power of communication. Don’t be among those who claim to be timid or shy, these traits are not needed in an entrepreneur.

You should be able to communicate without hitching your visions, ideas, plans, and goals to your clients, employees, and business associates, as well as your network. Your communication method will tell a lot about how far your business will go and also help you attract lots of customers converting leads to prospects.

2. Leadership

Leadership as an entrepreneur is not all about big or fancy titles like CEO, COO, CFO, and the rest, rather is about possessing the quality and ability that will attract others to be interested in following you. To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to possess strong leadership qualities.

An entrepreneur should be able to organize and motivate a group of people, especially employees to achieve a common goal. Entrepreneurship should be able to incorporate and balance the various types of leadership skills so as to boost productivity in the organization.

Being a leader and the head of your business, you should be able to direct others to do right and make healthy choices that will promote the business more so, you should be able to set direction, build an inspiring vision, and be innovative.

3. Finance Management

Taking us further in our discourse on Essential Business Skills for Nigerian Entrepreneurs is money management. The simple truth is if you can’t manage your finance, you can’t manage a business because money is the fuel that moves a business. You need to make provision for measures on how to manage your finances, especially how money is spent just as you keep a record of your income.

Ensure all transactions are recorded and have excellent bookkeeping and cash flow record including other financial records that will at a glance give you a heads up about the financial strength of your business.

Don’t join the club of those who spend more than they earn, rather you should stand out and learn how to handle your resources properly. Enroll in a financial management course to learn if not in-depth, at least you should learn the basics including profit & loss, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Finance management is key that is if you won’t put your business in a financial crisis.

4. Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing skills are also another ability an entrepreneur should possess. Mastering the art and skill of selling your product and services should be taken with utmost seriousness because that is the essence of starting up your business in the first place.

In order to make the number of sales you envisage from the start, it depends on your marketing strategy and how you are able to showcase your latest innovations to prospects convincing them to buy your products and patronize your services.

However, we will like to intimate you that there is a tendency of facing disappointment with some customers showing disinterest in your product or services, this should not weigh you down but you have to keep going in the midst of all these rejections.

Learn to be dynamic and employ different methods that will foster your business.

5. Time Management

Time management is the last dose of skills we recommend to you in this article. The truth is time wasted cannot be retrieved and time is one of the resources aside from finance that you need to master.

You need to put strategies in place that will let you manage your time properly and wisely. One of the common and effective methods is to create a to-do list where you will itemize your daily schedule and event including the time.

Also, you should as much as possible avoid procrastination, it is a business killer.  Also, learn to allocate time for every task that you have to do and attend to the base on the gravity of their importance (use a scale of preference if possible).


We have come to the end of our discourse and I believe you find this article interesting and at the same time learning about the Essential Business Skills for Nigerian Entrepreneurs. We trust that you won’t just read this article and ignore the lesson but adhere to and implement them in your business if you are a serious-minded entrepreneur.

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