Heat Press Machine Prices in Nigeria

The demand for branding has increased, so also is the need for a press machine thus leading many to ask what is the current Heat Press Machine Prices in Nigeria. A heat press machine helps to transfer the graphic design to a substrate. The substrate might be a t-shirt, cup, plate, or other items. the method is understood as heat transfer and it’s the fashionable way of placing artwork on items.

This brings us to the question, “how much does a heat press machine cost in Nigeria?” There are differing types of warmth press machines with different capacities on the market. during this post, we’ll check out the various machines and the way much they cost.

Heat Press Machine Prices in Nigeria

As we mentioned above, there are a plethora of warmth press machines on the market. These machines differ by capacity, brand, and purpose. To assist you to discover the costs of the various machines, we had to survey both offline and online vendors.

Heat Press Machine Prices in Nigeria

Below are the costs of the various machines available on the market:

#1. Two-Lion Digital Steam Press & Stoning Machine ranges from N95,000 to N120,000


  • 220 – 240 volts
  • Quick easy press for drapes, linens, and pants.
  • 26-inch pressing plate
  • 50/60Hz

#2. 38-inch Heat Transfer Machine ranges from N130,000 to N150,000


  • Well-designed handle.
  • Up to 200 degrees Centigrade.
  • Used to transfer rhinestones to materials as well.
  • 220 volts.

#3. 8-in-1 Heat Transfer Machine ranges from N169,999 to N180,000


  • Mug press – 5 to 7.7 cm
  • Applicable to transfer to plates, cups, and caps.
  • Voltage – 220/110 volts
  • Plate press – 12.5 to 15.5 cm
  • Cap press – 5 to 7.5 cm

#4. Digital Fabric Steam Press Stoning Machine ranges between N135,000 to N155,000


  • Quick easy press for linens, drapes, and pants.
  • Voltage – 220 to 240 volts
  • Power – 1600 watts
  • Frequency – 50/60Hz
  • Measurement – 58 x 24.5 x 84.5 cm
  • Plate press – 82 by 26 cm

#5. 32-inch Digital Fabric Steam Press Stoning Machine ranges from N139,000 to N169,000


  • Voltage – 220 to 240 volts
  • Power – 1600 watts
  • Plate press – 25.4 by 66 cm
  • Frequency – 50/60Hz

#6. Combo 5-in-1 Heat Press Machine – N215,500 – N240,000


  • Cap presser
  • Plate presser
  • Mug presser (of 2 different sizes)
  • T-shirt presser
  • 3-month warranty

#7. Combo 8-in-1 Heat Press Machine ranges from N219,000 to N250,000


  • 3-month warranty
  • Plate presser (of 2 different sizes)
  • T-shirt presser
  • Cap presser
  • Mug presser (of 3 different sizes)

#8. 15-inch by 15-inch 8-in-1 Digital Control Heat Press Machine ranges from N222,500 to N260,000


  • 1 Operating Manual
  • 1 Removable silicone pad plus cotton pad
  • 4 Mug presses
  • Mug Press Number 1 2″-2.75″ diameter (6OZ)
  • 1 Hat press
  • Mug Press Number 2 3″-3.5″ diameter (11OZ)
  • Net Weight 64lb (30kg)
  • Plate Press Number 1 5 inches max diameter
  • 2 Plate presses
  • Plate Press Number 2 6 inches max diameter
  • T-shirts, cups, and hats
  • Mug Press Number 3 12OZ latte mug (Cone)
  • Mug Press Number 4 17OZ latte mug (Cone)
    1 Fully-assembled machine along with platen press
  • Platen Press (Teflon-coated) 15″ × 15″ (38 × 38 cm)
  • Power Input 110V Or 220V
  • Dimensions – 24″ x 20″ x 18″ (595 * 515 * 445mm)
  • Hat/Cap Press 6″ × 3″ (curved)
  • Temperature Range (0 – 250ºC)
  • Wattage – 1100W
  • Timer Control 0 – 999 Seconds

#9. 10-in-1 Heat Press Transfer Machine ranges from N245,000 to N280,000


  • 4 shoe press attachment
  • Free tutorial DVD
  • 6 pen press attachment
  • Package size – 550mm x 500mm x 480mm
  • 8-inch pad heating plate with a diameter of 15 cm

#10. More 5-in-1 Heat Press Machine ranges from N250,000 to N285,000


  • Plate press
  • 12 inch by 15-inch heat press
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Hat press
  • Mug press
  • T-shirt press
  • Non-stick surface
  • Pad press

#11. 62-inch Heat Press Machine ranges from N144,500 to N165,000


  • Used in applying rhinestones on clothes.
  • Adjustable pressure screw.
  • Measurement – 41 x 65 x 69.5 cm
  • Built-in heat-protective silica gel base
  • Time maximum value – 999 seconds
  • Built-in heat-protective Teflon cover
  • Maximum temperature – 400°C

#12. Unique Heat Transfer Machine ranges from N145,000 to N167,000


  • Width – 45 cm
  • Color – Grey
  • Depth – 72 cm
  • Weight – 23 kg
  • Height – 42 cm

Note that these prices may vary reckoning on your location and therefore the vendor you patronize. Regardless, there are a couple of factors to think about when choosing a heat press machine. We’ll discuss them briefly within the next section.

Factors to think about when choosing a heat press machine

There are numerous heat press machines on the market. As such, making a choice are often a really daunting task. To save lots of you from such rigors, we’ve come up with an inventory of things that you simply should consider before buying one.

Ease of use

Before you buy a machine, you want to check whether it’s easy to use or not. If you’re experienced, you’ll not have a drag here. However, as a novice, you don’t need a machine that’s difficult to line up or manipulate. You’ll choose machines that accompany setup manuals and digital readouts.

Heat distribution and temperature range

One of the primary things that you simply must consider before you purchase a heat press machine is its temperature range. This may affect the materials that you simply can use the machine on. The upper range, the thicker the materials that you simply can work with. You ought to also check to ascertain that the warmth is correctly distributed across the highest plate. This makes printing on larger materials easier.


Will you be moving the machine around or it’ll be stationary? If it’s the previous, you would like the machine to be portable and simply movable. Some machines are so cumbersome to maneuver around which can be a drag for somebody who doesn’t have a permanent workspace.


How much are you able to spend on the warmth press machine that you simply want to purchase? you ought to create a balance between the standard and the amount you’ll afford. Sometimes, you’ll need to check the marketplace for something qualitative within your price range.

How To Use Heat Pressing Machine

You might be trying to work out the way to put your designs on t-shirts and other mediums.

Well, a heat transfer press machine will offer you numerous opportunities to make and display your artwork and logos via heat press printing (one of the foremost popular sorts of t-shirt printing).

The heat press machine not only works to transfer designs and logos to t-shirts but, you’ll also buy additional attachments to figure on different mediums like caps, mugs, ceramic plates, and more.

A heat press may be a cost-effective solution for many businesses and individuals who are looking to travel into the t-shirt business. They’re easy to use and you’ll use them to mass-produce products that you simply can sell.

How does a heat press work? The formula for applying heat transfer to a tee is temperature, time, and pressure. Ultimately the utilization and setup is pretty straightforward. The step-by-step guide below will teach you ways to use a heat press machine.

Step 1 – Adjust Temperature:

Time to line your temperature that’s required to heat press your garment. Scan over the instructions that are printed on the warmth transfer vinyl to seek out the accurate temperature that’s best (you may need to Google it if the instructions aren’t included – it’s crucial to possess the proper settings, differing types of vinyl require different settings).

Turn the thermostat knob in a clockwise direction (you may need an electronic monitor to line temperature rather than a knob) until you see the red heating light.

Wait for your machine to heat up to your required temperature.

A flashing light will indicate that the warmth press is satisfactorily heated.

At now, you ought to turn the knob counterclockwise until the flashed light turns off.

Don’t be alarmed when the led switches on and off during your heat press. it’s a sign that your machine is regulating your required temperature.

Step 2 – found out your Tee & Design:

Open the warmth press by lifting the front handle of the machine. If you purchased a clamshell machine, your upper platen will move upwards. If you purchased a swing-away press, your upper platen will swing to the side.

Pop your garment on the warmth press (ensure that you simply buy quality t-shirt blanks). The side that’s being printed on should be facing upwards.

Close the lid for a couple of seconds to warm up the fabric. This step will remove creases and moisture which can end in a far better press.

Open the lid and lay the vinyl design (which should be weeded at this point) face down on the garment.

Bring the handle down and confirm it locks firmly in situ.

Step 3 -Pressure:

You might have got to adjust the pressure on the machine. the quantity of pressure that must be applied depends on the sort and thickness of the fabric of the item also the sort of HTV that you simply are using.

For example, a garment that’s 100% polyester requires less pressure than other materials thanks to the very fact that the material is so smooth.

Step 4 – Time:

Set the time which will be required to press the HTV (information about the time required is often found on the vinyl packet instructions or via a fast Google search).

Press the beginning button to start out the warmth press timer

When the timer alarm pops, simply lift the handle to open the machine. (Press the timer to reset it for subsequent press)

Check your instructions to ascertain whether your iron-on vinyl may be a hot-peel (peel while the planning remains hot) or a cold-peel (leave the planning to chill down before peeling).

Remove the peel to reveal the awesome printed graphic on your garment.

That is all you need to know.