High Quality Male And Female Shoes To Check Out

While the year is still fresh, you need to get some High Quality Male And Female Shoes to use for your everyday outing in the year.

Note: There are shoes made for a different type of outing. You don’t just put on any kind of shoe and step out the way you like. Such a habit can ridicule you among colleagues.

Not only clothes and makeovers can give you an elegant look, shoes too play a very important role in our fashion style.

Even though, some people have no good dress sense. But most time sticking around friends influences them thereafter.

The below selection of shoes is for both Men and Women.

I bet you that you will see one of those shoes you will want to have this year.

See photos below:

High Quality Shoes High Quality Shoes High Quality Shoes High Quality Shoes High Quality Shoes

High Quality Shoes High Quality Shoes

However, looking good is not enough to earn respect among friends, colleagues, and family members, you can be a better person well respected when you speak the language of the wise.

Wise people don’t talk anyhow, they speak when necessary, they also don’t speak on bad terms. Having a good communicational attitude too can earn you better respect.

See below for bad words that can come from your mouth if you want to really earn respect.

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Bad Words: we have all heard if not used it ourselves in one way or the other in different contexts. Have you ever tell someone that you want to start a business or you are working on a particular project or you’ll be applying for a job etc. and the response given to you is demeaning like you can’t do it or they’ll not choose you?

Word is like a sword, it requires caution as it has the ability to make or break someone.

While most people know how powerful words are, it is quite unfortunate that they are inclined to making use of a negative choice of words.

In other to correct your tongue in case you’re one of them or to avoid making other people feeling inferior, the following are 10 words that can break someone.

Telling someone that he is a fool literally means he lacks the ability to act wisely and make a wise decision.

The moment people realize they’re being called a fool every now and then, they’ll start to lose motivation and wouldn’t try harder.

Why break someone with your choice of words if you can’t encourage them?

What I don’t understand is; is it possible for someone to be useless for real? Even men and animal feces are not useless, it could be used as manure for plants.

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So referring to someone as being useless means he’s of no value on earth. The word is too harsh and it makes one feel inferior.

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Please endeavor to avoid using these words. The human look is natural, there is nothing we can do about it.

Saying someone is ugly makes him feel inferior about something that is not within his power.

How will you feel if you’re being referred to as dumb? You’ll feel like a lesser person, right?… This choice of words affected people’s self-esteem and kills confidence.

Most bosses are used to using this word on their employees just to get them intimidated when in reality, motivating people at work makes them work harder and give their best. This word kills…

Boring is another word that makes people feel inferior. Telling someone that he’s boring literally means he’s insignificant and also not lively. The truth is everyone has a particular thing that is lively, interesting, and significant about them

You can’t use the word bad in someone’s thoughts or actions because they’re not in line with your own view. It reflects on the other person’s self-confidence. Drop it like an insignificant habit!

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There’s nothing that makes someone feel demeaning, bad, inferior and weak than telling him he’s lazy when he’s putting his all. The word lazy means the person is not ready to put in the effort to achieve a certain goal.

That’s not the case most time. Stop downgrading people with your choice of words, be careful.

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There’s nothing I dislike other than someone telling me I’m disgusting. This is one of the words you should try to avoid in any kind of conversation irrespective of the circumstances.

That word infuriate and makes people be angry and at the same time, feels belittle as to whether they are really disgusting.

Saying someone is ridiculous implies that such personal opinions or ideas are nothing but laughable. Who wouldn’t feel bad and inferior hearing that his opinion is laughable?

In conclusion, take notice of the above words and some others that are not mentioned in other not to break people’s feelings further.


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