Top 10 Hottest Country in the World ([year])

Have you ever wondered which is the Hottest Country in the World? Every country experiences heat but some countries are indeed hotter than most.

More so, these countries experience constant high temperatures in past years and even presently. For this reason, we will be discussing in this post the Top Hottest Country in the World.

Hottest Country in the World (Right Now)

Climate change is drastically affecting the weather condition of the planet and there has been an immense alteration in seasons.

The Hottest Countries in the World right now experience round-the-year hot and sticky atmospheres with reliable high temperatures, while other countries experience hot weather during or around summer.

Enough of the discourse, see below the highlight of the countries deemed to be the hottest in the world right now.

1. Libya

Location: Africa

Libya is a North African country that is considered to be the number one hottest country on our list of Top Hottest Countries in the World right now.

The country experience extremely high temperatures that effect can be seen on the skin of residents in the country in form of skin diseases.

The heat level experienced in Libya is so high that it causes inconsistent precipitation and an unpredictable climate. The hot temperature can last around the year.

2. Saudi Arabia

Location: Asia

Saudi Arabia is a Middle-East Asia country known to be the next hottest country in the world right now.

The summer season all over the country can get very hot due to high temperatures which may rise to 54 degrees. Also, due to the scorching heat, the country has extensive desert land.

However, despite the extreme temperature, the country is still one of the wealthiest in the world because of its oil-rich lands.

More so, the monarch of the country assumes responsibility to cater to the citizens and as well develop comfortable environments and other soothing arrangements to battle the harsh temperature.

3. Iraq

Location: Asia

Iraq is also another Middle-East Asian country that finds its footing among the Most Hottest Countries in the World. Interestingly, the northern region of the country is mountainous and it snows there in winter.

However, the other part of the country is not spared the hot summers. The country experiences sweltering, arid, and clear weather during summer. Temperature can rise as far as 112F and scarcely go below 33F around the year.

4. Algeria

Location: Africa

Algeria brings us back to Africa being the fourth hottest country in the world. North African country also experience hot temperature which occurs around the year.

As a result of the extreme heat, the country has extensive desert land. However, the average temperature recorded in the country is about 50-53°C.

Nonetheless, some regions in the country are blessed with rainfalls, especially the coastal regions. The Salah region on the other hand is reported to be the hottest in the country.

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5. Iran

Location: Asia

Taking us further in our discourse is Iran, another Middle Eastern Asia country ranked among the Top 10 Hottest Countries in the World.

The average temperature recorded during summer in this country is 40-45°C. However, when the temperature gets extremely hot, it can go beyond 50°C.

Also, the temperature during winter varies from that of summer. Meaning winter gets extremely cold and summer gets extremely hot.

Again, the northern region of the country is bordered by mountains and the weather there generally gets cool with a record temperature that does not exceed 29°C even in summer. But the southern region of the country record extremely hot temperatures.

6. Oman

Location: Asia

Oman experiences consistently high temperatures, with average temperatures recorded at around 30 Degrees.

The hot temperature experienced in this country can last for almost 5 to 6 months in a year and can rise from 30 degrees up to a record temperature of about 50-53°Cmaking it one of the Hottest Countries in the World.

Being an oil-exporting country, it is one of the richest countries in the world and the government took the responsibility of providing facilities that will make living in the country comfortable.

7. Sudan

Location: Africa

Back to Africa where the seventh Hottest Country in the World is located, and that is Sudan, in North Africa. It has one of the largest deserts in Africa, thanks to the harsh weather and deforestation.

Also, it is not just among the hottest but also experiences extreme dryness making it one of the driest countries in the world as well.

8. India

Location: Asia

India is also known for its extremely hot temperature which results in hot winds blowing in the country and has earned it a spot among the Top 10 Hottest Countries in the World.

The country records an average temperature of 50°C in some central, western, and southern parts during summer.

9. Somalia

Location: Africa

Somalia had to be on this list because it is evident that the country experiences extremely hot temperatures.

The North African country experiences little or no rainfall in a year, while the average temperature recorded is about 50°C. the effect of the high temperature in the country is drought and famine due to large desert land and scorched farmlands.

10. Mexico

Location: North America

Mexico is the only country outside of Africa and Asia to make it among the Hottest Countries in the World coming in at the tenth spot.

The North American country has a year-round high temperature that can rise to 50°C in summer. Some effect caused by such harsh temperature includes dry grasslands which are all over the country.

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It is evident that these countries are experiencing extremely high temperatures and that it is no myth. These countries have been captured in our Top Hottest Countries in the World which has been discussed extensively above.