How To Earn Money Through Facebook

That Facebook is a social media platform is not news anymore but you can’t take away its popularity. With over 2 billion active users doing their things thereon a monthly basis, I don’t think there’s a better place to meet with your distant potential customers.

No wonder, many people and business owners are advertising their products on the platform because of its vast potential audience. Interesting, isn’t it?

Similarly, Facebook is a well established money-making platform. In fact, ways aplenty for you to potentially earn legit money on Facebook. Let’s however, look at the exciting ways you can adapt to the market, promote and advertise your business through Facebook thereby converting it to money.

  1. The Facebook Marketplace

One of the interesting ways to make money through Facebook is by making use of the Facebook marketplace. If you have any item to sell, be it a phone, laptop, cars, pets, furniture, etc. you can post them on the Facebook marketplace and you will definitely see potential buyers in no time.

Search the market place by location and ensure the details of the proposed items and pictures are posted on the marketplace of your desired geographical location where you will easily find your target audience.

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However, you may find it difficult to establish a full-time business by buying or selling new or used items on Facebook, nevertheless, other than using the platform to chat, you can earn extra cash through it.

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  1. Facebook as a Traffic Driver

One of the striking features of Facebook is the use of algorithms to examine your dealings whenever you are on the page. It knows when you log in, the picture you like, the video you watched, etc.

Since Facebook is also an avenue to connect organizations, people of like minds, and companies together, you can seize that opportunity to earn money on Facebook by compelling your target audience to click on the links you shared on your Facebook page which will land them to your e-commerce site, blog, landing page, website, etc. related to your online business.

For the bloggers and webmasters, always ensure you share a link to your new post on your Facebook wall. The same goes for YouTube videos or some means other content you create elsewhere on the web.

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All in all, your reason for doing this is to drive huge traffic as possible to your site thereby yielding a dollar for you.

  1. Gig writing

Are you proficient with the use of words? Can you write unique, meaningful, and value-driven articles that are plagiarised-free? If yes, you can turn that rare talent into a business. With the emergence of the Facebook group page, there is a countless number of groups where freelance writers are seriously needed.

Join a different writing group and pitch your potential clients who will dish out gigs to you at an agreed fee. Other than liking pictures and unnecessary conversation, you can become an earning writer through the use of Facebook.

In fact, I’ve pitched numerous clients both national and international who gave me topics to write on and I was paid some dollars in return for the good work. I’ve done it before and I’m still doing it (reach me out for more tips or clarification on this).

  1. Sell Affiliate Products

One of the quickest means to gain firm footing doing business online is by engaging in affiliate marketing. The good news here is that Facebook is a fantastic platform to get into this type of business venture. It makes it too easy to begin.

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All you need to do is to sign up for an affiliate program with any affiliate company like CJ affiliate, Amazon, and the likes. You promote their products on the page focused on a certain hot niche and whenever the link got to click and a product is bought, you receive a commission from such a sale – usually, 5 to 25 percent. Amazing, right?

Such are a few of the plethora of ways to make money using the most widely celebrated social media platform around the globe.

In conclusion, opportunities abound for you to earn money through Facebook, instead of spending money on subscription without earning anything in return, why don’t you start now and become a legit Facebook earner?

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