How To Sign Up For A Netflix Account

Surprisingly, many people don’t know how to sign up for Netflix. Even though it’s not difficult, many people still find it hard.

Not to worry, this guide will show you how to register for a Netflix account. With this guide, you will be able to sign up for a Netflix account whether you are an iPhone or Android user.

Netflix is a streamlining platform where millions of subscribers watch shows, documentaries, and movies at a fee. The streamlining app charge for its services for a token monthly. The users also have the freedom to cancel at any will if they are not satisfied with the service.

Below is a step-by-step process on how to sign up for Netflix including how to get a Free Netflix account.

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How To Sign Up For A Netflix Account
How To Register For A Netflix Account

How To Sign Up For Netflix Account

The below-listed steps can be used to register a Netflix account by both iPhone users and Android users. If you wish to sign up using the Netflix website, you can still use these steps.

1. Download Netflix App or Visit Netflix Website

The first step to signing up for a Netflix account is to download the Netflix app. You can download the app on the Play store (Android Users) or Apple Store (iPhone users). Also, you can visit the Netflix Website directly by clicking HERE.

2. Netflix Sign-up Page

Launching the Netflix app either on iPhone or Android will take you to the Netflix sign-up page. The same applies to those using the website to sign up for a Netflix account.

3. Netflix Free Account

Start by clicking on Start Your Free Trial. All subscribers can use the free Netflix account for a month before they start charging for it. Even though your card details will be required, you won’t be charged if you cancel it within the first month. Netflix will also send you an email 3 days before they start charging for the second month.

4. Select your Preferred Plan

After clicking on the start your free trial button, the next step is to select your preferred plan. Netflix had 3 plans which are;

  • Basic Plan ($7.99/Month): This plan allows you to watch movies, shows, and others on a device at a time. Even though you can not streamline using HD or ultra HD.
  • Standard Plan ($9.99/Month): This plan allows the streaming of movies on any 2 devices at a time using HD.
  • Premium Plan ($11.99/Month): Subscribers of this plan can stream video using both HD and Ultra HD on 4 different devices at a time.

Whether you subscribe to a Basic, Standard, or Premium plan, you have the liberty to cancel at any time as well as enjoy the free trial month.

5. Create a New Netflix Account

The next step is to click on create a new Netflix account after choosing your preferred plan. Input the required details including your e-mail address and password you wish to use.

6. Payment Details

After inserting your necessary details, you should click on continue before it will bring the payment details option.

You are to select the payment option you want to use. Netflix accepts Visa Card, Mastercard, Credit Card as well as Debit Card. For people who use Paypal, you can also pay with it. There is also a chance to use Netflix Gift cards for those who have.

After selecting a payment option, input your payment or card details where necessary including name, expiry date, and so on.

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7. Membership Button

Click on the membership button to complete your registration. With all these steps completed, you have successfully signed up for a Netflix account.

Have you tried to sign up for a Netflix account? Did you face any problems when registering for your Netflix account? Share your thoughts via the comments section below.