How to Start a Profitable Cybercafe Business

Day to day we experience advancement in technology and of such is the internet. People do all sought of things online (on the internet) ranging from checking of mail, research, watching videos, make downloads, photo editing, and upload, video call, chatting, transfer of files and also receiving files, etc. with current network providers, surfing the net hasn’t been made easy nor cheap for citizens that need the internet for their own personal reasons so the dependence on cybercafés as only option to access the quality network at affordable prices.

A cybercafe is a place designated for accessing the internet to chat with friends, do business, register for online provided platforms, and receive emails and of cause to do what you doing now- research, etc.

Consider the population of Nigeria and also consider the high rate, at which most offline business is turning to the internet, most registration are now done online, say jamb, WAEC, POST UME, POLICE, NAVY, ARMY, YOUTH CORPS, HOSPITAL, SCHOOLS, GOVERNMENT establishments likewise private ones, even banking, etc to access any of this requires an internet connection which like I have mentioned above is not cheaply provided by network provider so the need for internet or cybercafé.

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Cybercafe plays the role of the middle man and solves the problem of internet connection by providing quality internet connections in exchange for money. Cybercafé business is of cause a profitable business no doubt, with the high population of internet surfers waiting to pay for this service. Google research proves millions of Nigerians having access to the internet is majorly from public computer cafes.

Browsing is now a daily routine for Nigerians both young and old, many can skip a day without accessing the internet for their own reasons some for business, educational research(these days almost all assignments are done online), communication, or simply for entertainment. Nigerians spend millions of hours on the internet daily and the majority of them are in cybercafés by those that have not a personal computer or internet connection.

Investing in this business of cyber café is a worthwhile investment, it has until now been so daring, capital intensive among other vices. But now with little capital, you can easily start up and run a successful and profitable cybercafé business in Nigeria. How?

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Follow the Few Steps Below

Create a Business Plan for Your Cybercafe

By doing it you will outline the type of service you’re ready to offer. You will conduct research, ask questions, visit nearby cybercafé, and see how things are done. The business plan will help you understand the business more, it’s not about deciding on a business to invest in, write, or get the business plan. Well for as many that don’t know how to go about it, or how to write a business plan/feasibility report you can read our guide to writing your own business plan or see our business plan template. But if you want a professional business plan and feasibility report on this topic then I advise you to order our expert’s written business plan based on long-conducted research and surveys. To order call or email.

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This eBook is comprehensive and discusses all you need to attain success in this business.

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Get a Space or Shop

In the course of the eBook, I talked about things to consider and hand pointers that help choose a shop in a suitable location and also the average space and size of shop needed, and the average cost.

Computer Requirements For Cybercafe

Here it’s about the number of computers needed, networking them together,  where to get cheap reliable computers, etc


According to the size of the shop the finishing thus differs, but through the eBook, we discuss the necessities.

How to Register with an Internet Connection Company say Hughes etc

How much do you spend on internet connection? Well you’re not the only one but can be the only one to proffer solution and that is through cybercafé business and get paid handsomely for it on daily basis, you can also stand to make money just registering candidates for WAEC, NECO, GCE, jamb, POST UME, etc it a highly profitable venture.

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