How To Start A Profitable Insecticide Production Business

An insecticide is a liquid substance that is found in homes, industries, farms, hospitals, and office environments. Insecticide can also be found in every household and other places in all corners of the earth because of its importance, it’s used to kill unwanted, irritating, and disease-carrying insects also known as pests.

Going into this insecticide-producing business as an entrepreneur is a good move because this business can survive any climate condition and sell anywhere. There is a huge market for it and the business does not need huge capital, just enough to enable you to penetrate the market. So start making money producing your own insecticide and if your product is very effective, you are sure to have people coming back for more.

Let’s get into the necessary steps that will help you start your own lucrative insecticide production company…

1. Carry out research work:

Conducting research on the business you intend to do is a fine way of getting/gathering all the essential information to set up your business. For instance, you need to know how to penetrate and get to your target market, the level of competition in the marketplace, ways to get to suppliers of the raw materials and equipment, the right safety precautions to take, and so on.

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2. Purchase Raw Materials:

One good thing about the insecticide business is that the raw materials are purchased in the local market around or you can as well get a supplier to supply you with all the needed materials for your production.

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The Raw Materials Include:

*industrial camphor chemical
*D.D force chemical
*formalin chemical
All these chemicals are gotten/supply at affordable prices.

3. Learn The Process/Making of the Insecticide:

Learning how to produce quality insect-killing substance is not that difficult, all you need to do is watch/learn from someone in other to understand the necessary ways and cautions to apply. But let me take you through on how the insecticide is produced.

For 1litre of insecticide get:
*Put the 75cl of kerosene into a container then add
*1/2 kilo of industrial camphor
*25cl of D.D force and
*some formalin then mix. Note: make sure the container is tightly closed when mixing the chemicals.

Household insecticides are generally sold as ready to use products and it is applied both indoor and outdoor. So there you have it, your own home-made insecticide product.

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4. Register the Business:

Going into this kind of business whether small-scale or big business, you must try to register it in other not to have trouble with the law because the business involves the usage of harmful chemicals, and the government usually regulate/prevent manufacturers so as not to flow the market with harmful or fake products. So make sure you get all the required licenses and documents and go register with the relevant agent.

5. Find a Suitable Place:

A suitable place matters because if you get one in town then you have to make sure it is safe to run and produce your insecticide in the area in other not to cause any discomfort or harm to both humans and animals around or better yet, you can find a low-cost facility at the outskirt of town and rent. That way you will be at ease and wouldn’t be too conscious of its smell/odor.

6. Hire Workers:

You need to hire a few hands to aid you when applying, mixing, packaging and loading processes. Also, you might need them to help market your finished product, so make sure you hire dedicated and skilled workers for the job.

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7. Packaging and Branding:

When the production process is over and done with the next thing is to consider how to brand and package your product. You need to consider a few things here like, the name for your insecticide product, a name that will find with your company and make sure your packaging is done well and neatly sealed in a colorful or plain bottle. Most people are compelled to buy stuff that is attractive and neatly packaged.

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8. Advertise/Market Your Product:

Have it in mind that there are lots of strong brands already in the market way before you, so you have to be ready to put in good work to get your product out there. There are so many effective ways to go about this like, offering promo and discounts in other to bring in more sales, taking your product to offices, supermarkets, hospitals, furniture makers among others. Try to engage in social media advert as well, there is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest.

You must always find ways to create your own market and get people to recognize the effectiveness of your product, pretty soon the sales will start rolling in and you be cashing in.


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