How to Start Paint Production Business in Nigeria

There is undoubtedly the beauty of a house that lies in the nature of paint utilized for its finishing. House paints add worth and excellence to both new and old buildings. house paints are of distinctive sorts. These incorporate emulsion, composition or text code, flexcote, and marble trowel paints, and so on. Are you yet to realize that you can make high profits through Paint Production Business?

The Nigerian Real Estate Sector is currently experiencing a boom and a great deal of privately owned businesses, banks, enterprises, and different financial enterprises are visibly investing a considerable amount of money in the land/real estate sector.

Private people are likewise set up their own individual structures and structures which will be painted. Individuals rent houses, shops, workplaces, and so on; these structures unquestionably will be painted.

Paint Production Business: Feasibility

Irrespective of the Top 10 Best Paint Brands In Nigeria, the Paint production business in Nigeria remain profitable due to the high demand. Fortunately, Paints can be produced at a cottage, on small, medium, and large scale levels. capital needed to produce and deliver paint ranges from N200,000 to N500,000 for house level; N500,000 to N3m for little scale; N3m-N10m for medium scale and N10m or more for substantial scale level.

Exploration and research show that two shops are needed for the cottage, half to two plots of land are needed for small scale, six plots to one acre of land or more for medium and substantial scale level of production, and two employees are required for cottage levels, five to 10 workers for small scale, 10 to 30 workers for medium scale while 30 or more may be needed for large scale level of production.

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For the effective and viable running of a painting business, some level of training is required on the grounds that production includes measurements and calculations and the entrepreneur must be equipped for dealing with the assets available to him wisely.

Raw Material and Machines

Raw materials used for paint production include extender, pigment, solvent, binder, and additives of different forms, which he says, can be sourced from the local market.

Some of the machines required for operations, according to him, include roller mill, sand mill, and attrition.

He says that the manual roller mill which can be fabricated locally for between N15, 000 and N20, 000 with a production capacity of 60 and 100 gallons per day, is also needed.

He adds that an electric manual mixing machine, which he says, has a production capacity of 300 gallons of paints per day costs N70, 000 and it is useful for small scale level of production

it’s of no doubt that paint production is a profitable business in which the capital invested but can undoubtedly recover within a short time.

production procedures include the capacity of raw materials, water measurement into the blending machine tank, measurement of raw materials, directing, emptying of paints into the plastics, product storage, and distribution followed by sales.

Worthy of note is that the pricing of paint items is reliant on demand. Illustration- that producers’ cost of emulsion paint is N400 or more per gallon in the business sector, depends upon the quality and the brand name of the organization.


Emulsion paints are packaged in plastics, for the most in four liters and 20 liters, while gloss (shine)paints are packaged in steel jars. The expense of obtaining and printing a four-liter plastic is N95 and 20 liters is N380 while a four-liter steel can is in the middle of N220 and N260.

We can continue endlessly, discussing the profitability of this business yet it will be of no use to us and of no help to you as our primary aim is to see you start up this business and earn massively from it. To help us accomplish the aforementioned objective we have packaged all the necessary information/data required from startup to success around here, and this data is in a digital ebook format which makes it easy for you to access it. this ebook will expose you to:-

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How to Produce Emulsion, Texcote, and Gloss

Where To source for Raw Materials

Instructions on how to Package Your Paint

Instructions on how to Market Your Paint with maximized profit and equally Dominating The Market and so on

There are diverse sorts of quality paints; this ebook deals on the production of emulsion, textured paint or text coat, gloss paint which are the basic paints in the Nigerian market. You can begin your home-based paint creation with as meager as N10,000 (we will show you how through the ebook). The raw materials are promptly accessible in the Nigerian market. You needn’t bother with any costly gear to create paint; you just need a few containers and your two hands to do the blending. There is no reason for you not to go into this business if you really want to.

This eBook simplifies paint production and uncovers the hidden secrets of creating quality paint. With what we will demonstrate to you in this eBook, you can match Dulux, Berger, and other paint production firms. Orderly, how to produce and sell quality paint will be uncovered and set in your grasp.

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