How To Start Your Own Architecture Firm

Talking about architecture, it’s a profession with bounty opportunities. Are you thinking of How To Start Your Own Architecture Firm? The people found in this field are usually creative, innovative, and well okay. You know what it means for someone to be well okay, right?

As an architect in the making or a graduate of architecture looking forward to setting up his own architectural studio or firm, we think you will seriously find this piece helpful.

Working as a professional architect, you have the opportunity of working for the government get paid at the end of every month if you have a passion for performing the task and duties that are being assigned.

And if you don’t so wish to place any ceiling at the rate you could earn monthly or annually as an Architect, then you have a massive option not to work for the government or any individual but to become your own boss by establishing your own architect firm.

Establishing one (an architectural firm) is never a herculean task so far you could endeavor to have all the paper qualifications and enthusiasm to stand on your own and become your own boss. It requires a moderate sum of money to kick-start and a little period of time to reach the limelight- if you are capable, competent, and reliable. Your first set of clients will have pleasure in referring friends and family to you if you handle their assignments with the utmost care and do it real quick.

Without much ado, consider these 7 surefire steps that will be helpful for you to start your own architectural firm from the scratch any time, any place, anywhere in the world and also grow the business to comfortability and profitability with the shortest time frame;

How To Start Your Own Architecture Firm

How to start an Architectural Firm – a practical approach and a Sample Business Plan Template.

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1. Feasibility Study and Market Survey

It is very important you carry out a feasibility study and market survey on the location of interest. This is to know if the chosen area is suitable or not.

In case you are not that verse in the feasibility study and market survey, don’t feel shy or too big to employ the service of an expert in the field who will do it for you perfectly.

2. Highlight Your Business Plan

“A business without a plan is like a building without foundation; it’s prone to be problematic in the nearest feature”, says 9jatoday.

Planning shouldn’t be over-emphasized while starting your architectural firm. You need to highlight your aims and objectives, goals, mission, and vision of setting up the firm. Draw up a plan and ask yourself these questions;

Who is my target audience?
How do I hook up a client?
What are my plans for my potential and seasonal clients?
What is going to be my motto? And lots more. Answer these questions yourself and you will have solutions to your feasibility study and market survey conducted earlier.

3. Get a Name, Incorporate Your Business and Obtain Business License

Having embarked on a market survey and highlighted your plans, it’s crucial you get a decent name for your architecture firm, choose a name that has not been taken, and incorporate your business firm with the government agency responsible for that. Maybe the corporate affairs commission will do (if in Nigeria).

To avoid embarrassment in the future, pay the necessary bills, obtain forms and registered with your firm name, and obtain the necessary license or working permit as an architect anywhere in the state.

4. Rent a Facility and Setup the Office

Since you’ve researched the best place to build or rent an apartment for your architecture business, the next thing is to get all the needed equipment set and arrange your studio or firm.

Be informed that you can start up an architectural firm in your house so far it’s the best place suitable for carrying out the business. No course for alarm.

5. Promote Your Firm

You can’t sit down in your office or at home and expect clients to be tripping inside to trade with you. No! As a starter, you need to promote your firm using different and available media outlets.

You have the business card there, go for it and spread it over to your target audience you highlighted while drawing your business plan. And you could adopt the conventional media in promoting and marketing your architectural firm.

We have radio, TV station, magazine journal and others. Even, your social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+,, and likes are also very nice places to promote your firm. Cool, right?

6. Join Relevant Architectural Associations/ Network

There are various architectural associations both regional, national, and international that you can hook up to. As a new member in their midst, if you are lucky, they are in the best position to stretch out their helping hand to you by giving you a project start with.

Networking with prominent figures or environmentalists like building engineers, estate agents, land surveyors, civil engineers, government officials in the town planning department, and a host of others. These are people that are in good shape to help you get business deals sealed as an architect.

7. Go Online

To Start Your Own Architecture Firm and see it to success you need to go online. Absolutely! Look for a good web developer to help you craft a fine and opera-friendly Website and furnish it with various works you’ve embarked upon. Details it with every information your client will find helpful including your contact and office address.

No doubt, you are going to face a myriad of competitions which is the reason why you need to ensure that you embrace technology in your architectural firm and do thorough research work very well before launching it out.