How to Wear Crop Tops – 20 Amazing Ways

Wearing crop tops properly can sometimes be confusing and annoying, but never mind, you will learn how to wear cropped top without showing belly in this article.

9jatoday has compiled a detailed list on how to wear crop tops without looking trashy and believe me, you gonna want to try them out. we have uploaded some crop top images showing the modest way to put on the outfit.

Most ladies are really a lover of crop top but the fact that a large part of their belly is shown and that might not look acceptable to them for some personal reasons, if you are in this category of ladies then we’ve got you covered with different ways to wear crop tops in a modest and fashionable way.

Are Crop Tops Trashy?

Not really, though this depends on the way you wear your crop tops, you can wear your crop tops inside a jacket or if you love wearing blouse you can also wear your crop tops with it. wearing it with other clothes brings out much more beauty, though not just any cloth.

What Is the Appropriate Age To Wear Crop Top?

No specific age is given, as long as you wear it in a modest way, there is no age restriction for wearing crop tops, you can also follow this post to wear it properly and in the most fashionable way for fashionistas.

Especially if you are the religious type, you won’t be revealing your body to people if you follow our ways of wearing crop tops, it looks cool on kids too.

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Can I Pull Off A Crop Top Outfit?

Of cause, you can. There is nothing difficult about that, the most important thing if for you to know how to style your crop tops. Crop tops are not made for a particular sets of ladies, it is for all be you short, tall, chubby slim etc.

What To Wear Under A Crop Top

You can wear a jean jacket, or jackets in general, high waist pants, waist jeans, ruffled tops, tank tops, long skirts and many more.

Modest Ways to Wear Crop Tops

Below are the different ideas on how to modestly wear your crop tops.

How To Layer Crop Tops

We have two different ways to layer crop tops. They are the layering over method and the layering under method i.e. on your top or underneath your tops. Let me further explain this to you;

Layering Over

One of the best ways to wear crop tops is to wear on jackets, vests, blazers or sweaters on them. This kind of combination is usually good for different kinds of events or occasions such as formal, informal, family and friends meeting and so on.

Layering Under

This is when you wear crop tops on armless tops, gowns or long tops. Patterns can be mixed, also you can combine stripes.

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Explore more by layering your blouse underneath before wearing your crop top with whichever choice of clothing you want to wear.

Combine Crop Tops With High Waist Skirts

One of the main methods of wearing crops with skirts in a modest way is to ensure that you wear high-waisted skirts. If you like to hide your stomach with tops, high waisted trousers, such as skirts or pants or jeans, are the answer.

How To Make A Crop Top Longer

If you want to make your crop tops longer then you can pair with a tunic, blouse or long top. Better still you can get yourself a new long cropped tops.

How To Wear A Crop Top If You Have A Belly

If you have a big bellow, you also can confidently wear a crop top, I am sure you are one of those thinking crop tops are not made for chubby people, you are wrong. If you have a big belly you can also take advantage of crop tops, just wear your crop tops over a camisole, other clothes are tank tops, fitted buttoned down blouses and also t-shirts.

It is also advisable you always buy long crop tops and those that have loose fitting, the length is your focus.

With the points listed above, if you still find it difficult to wear your crop tops in a modest way then take a glimpse at the images below.

Crop Top With Dress

Here’s how to rock your crop tops under a nice sleeveless gown and accessorized with a belt and also a wristwatch to compliment it.

Mind you, you can also Pair a crop top over a simple dress for casual days or for beach outing.

Crop Top With Pants or Trousers

You can rock a crop top with wider long – leg trousers or very free trousers.

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Check out the crop top outfit above, it is very much possible for you to add a long jacket to this outfit in case you want more covering like in the case of many hijabis who doesn’t want to reveal their arms. Adding jacket could also help in getting a more laid back and casual look if that’s what you’re aiming for.

How To Wear A Loose Crop Top

Loose tops can be combined with a maxi skirt, palazzo pants or wide-legged pants, high-waisted skirts and pants or even jeans. Check the images below to see how to wear a loose crop-top outfit.

See the beauty that comes with you pairing a loose top with striped pants and add a bag and shades as accessories.


You can also combine a plain loose crop top with wide pants trouser to achieve a beautiful crop top of your choice.

Layer a crop top over a sleeveless top, this looks so modern. It’s a popular crop top style you can’t go wrong with.

crop top with jean

Take a look at this cool babe, the crop top makes a whole lot of sense with her outfit, this shows how to wear a crop top with a jeans in a stylish and modest way.

Crop Tops With Skirt

High waist skirt also goes with crop tops, see the image above, and in any case you feel the crop top will reveal your body then you can war an inner black top under it. A long jacket can also be worn over this kind of outfit if you desire.

I am sure you must have learned one or two things on this post, kindly share with other fashionistas.


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