ICAN Registration Requirements in Nigeria

Many accounting graduates/students want to know the ICAN Registration Requirements in Nigeria. according to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, a well-respected professional body that allows you to take professional examinations, the ICAN examination is very essential for students studying accounting because it helps prepare students for a career in that field. Also, students without this certification wouldn’t get inducted into the ICAN body. 

The amazing thing about the ICAN examination is that all students can take this test regardless of their course of study. However, there are some requirements that individuals must meet. This article will do justice to the necessary ICAN Registration Requirements in Nigeria you must possess before you can register for ICAN. We explain in detail what you need to know about this professional body as well as the Step by Step process. 

What You Should Know About ICAN

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria is an accounting body established in 1965. The initial motive of this body is to determine the skills and knowledge required for anyone to become an accountant. 

Over the years, ICAN has grown into a large community of accountants that has certified over 38,000 Chartered Accountants. ICAN offers two examinations.

  1. ATSWA
  2. ICAN

ICAN Registration Requirements in Nigeria

Every student can take the ICAN Examination irrespective of their degree. But, you must have the following requirements before you can apply for ICAN.

  1. Your degree certificate from a University or a Higher National Diploma Certificate from any polytechnic. 
  1. Your O’level result with credits in five important subjects
  1. Your passport photograph. This requirement is for professional students. 

For ATSWA Students, the  requirements are

  • Five credits pass in five subjects including English and Mathematics.
  • Ordinary National Diploma of any polytechnic recognized by the Council of the Institute.
  • National Certificate in Education from any college of education.

Registration Procedure for the ICAN Examination

It is clearly stated that two types of people can take the ICAN Examination; i.e the accounting student and a non-accounting student. The registration process is the same but it has a slight difference regarding the cost of the program, the number of courses to be taken, and the duration. The enrollment procedure for everyone include the following:

  • Visit any bank as stipulated on the ICAN website and pay the required fee to obtain a pin.
  • Log in the website and click on Student’s Professional Registration.
  • Fill the form you see on the website
  • Scan a colored passport photograph into the system and attach it to your form. 
  • Click the submit button twice 
  • Print a copy of the application form and sign it twice
  • Insert the name,phone number and membership number of your referee who is a chartered accountant
  • Make a Photocopy of your credentials and take it along to your referee for certification.
  • Attach the original copy of the pin you obtained from the bank with two copies of your signed passport and original copy of your bank teller to the certified form. 
  • Go to their head office in Lagos to submit your compilation. 

After Your application is granted, you’ll receive a student’s registration number. Afterward, you proceed to print your registration certificate. It is pertinent to note that you shouldn’t forget your registration number because it serves as your login details.

Accounting students take nine courses in ICAN while non-accounting students take sixteen courses in total. The examination depends on the individual and it must be taken within 19 years of individual enrollment for the program. The ICAN examinations are taken in May and November of every year. 

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