10 Investments That Generates Monthly Income In Nigeria

There is no doubt that most people are tired of keeping their money in the banks, with the 10 investments that generate monthly income that we have listed on this post then you will have no reason to keep your money sitting in the bank without any interests.

For some, they only wanted to start a business because of lack of jobs, this article also addresses your issue, kindly take your time to read it in full.

You can earn a lot of income with investments that generate monthly income because your income funnel is from various sources. You might be a salary earner that doesn’t mean you cannot partake in other investments, job security is key but also a different source of income beats it.

There are some investments that need your presence, persistence and constant funding, if you do not have a stable job then you should be able to do well here.

Most people are always on the lookout for investments with zero risk and with a high monthly return, sure we have a lot of investments with high returns but do we have such investments in Nigeria that could grant you at least 20-25% ROI monthly? This post will make justice to that.

10 Investments That Generate Monthly Income In Nigeria

Here are the investments that generate monthly income in Nigeria currently:

Uber/Taxify Business

Transportation will always be a lucrative business in this present world and generations to come, as we have more children coming into the world every second then the tendency is that there will always be an expansion and developments in every country or locality.

Let us take Lagos for an example, you can see the number of people that board a bus from their home to their respective offices, from home to schools and so on, with the high population of Lagosians yet the number of cars and buses are not enough. Even those that own a car prefer to use public transport.

This is where Uber and Taxify comes into play, we have people that are well educated and because of the nature of their job or businesses they could not use the public transport busses, they prefer a car taxi.

Not just any car taxi, but a taxi with a working air conditioner, with the driver being learned. This alone is enough to get the business moving coupled with the fact that you can easily pay through an app.

When it comes to transport job then you should opt-in for Uber or Taxify, the duo are known brands and has been at the top of the game ever since they were established in Nigeria.

All you need to start a Taxify or Uber business is to purchase a car or if you already have one then you can make use of that.

Once you have a car that is in a good condition then you can proceed to register with any of the organizations. If you have other jobs that take your time you can easily recruit a driver and you get your returns weekly or monthly based on your specifications.

Real Estate

The trending business in every part of the world, Real Estate has been so lucrative and we have more people going into it nowadays. With you investing on real estate you can always secure yourself a monthly income.

Your main job here is to invest in landed properties for sale or rental purposes. It is a very profitable business and you need a huge amount of money to be able to earn something tangible. You also need the directive of an expert in the business.

Investing in Agriculture

We have been publishing a lot of posts on how to invest in Agriculture, most people are now moving into this business but even with the number of people joining day by day there is still a high demand for farm produce in the country.

Investment in Agriculture is not restricted to Nigeria as you can also get your products to other countries by exporting them. In short, you don’t need to export because before your farm produce matures you already have a buyer. It is as sweet as that.

Also with the way the Federal government has been creating awareness about this type of investment coupled with the easy loan access the government grant to farmers then you can make good returns with this and expand within a short period of time.

And in case you do not want to interfere with the farm or its produce then we have some newly established and approved companies that do all the farming for you, they gather investments funds from you and other people that are interested and they do the farming, then at the end of the month or a specified time you get your returns without stress.

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Food Business

The food business is one type of business in which many people overlook but, is there a day you lived without eating? we all have to eat, that is nature for you.

You can make whooping cash if you invest in food, as long as you are in the right location where the need for food is high like schools, offices, church camps and busy roadside.

You can just rent a shop and employ professionals in this line, once everything is well set then you just have to sit back and expect your daily, weekly or monthly income from your food business.

Mutual Funds Designed For Monthly Income

This is another one out of the investments that generate monthly income we have listed, most people do not even know about this but now you should be able to take advantage of it.

What this is about is that you look out for monetary firms that are offering the opportunity to invest into one asset and get your income on a monthly basis.

We have many banks that are into this, you can contact your bank to find out if they are operating such, but there is one that tops them all which is Stanbic IBTC bank, they disburse up to 12% of your investment at the set date to all those that invested.

Treasury Bills

You must have been hearing of Treasury bills without knowing what it actually stands for. This is a secrete that most people do not know, you can make money from this every month.

If you invest let’s say for instance 2,000,000 Naira in the treasury bill, you can get yourself up to 10% of your investment in the first month.

Digital Investments

Investing in cryptocurrency is another gold that people now take advantage of. Though the Federal Government of Nigeria through CBN has restricted all transactions that have to do with cryptocurrencies in the country but you can always have your way.

People still trade bitcoin and other cryptos, you just need a good coach or someone that knows much about cryptocurrency to put you through.

Importation Business (Small Scale)

This is another investment that has been bringing a lot of income to smart Nigerians, you buy goods from China or UK and other developed countries and sell in Nigeria.

Buying from China has been the most preferred because of the currency trading and once you buy from china you sell to Nigerians. This type of business doesn’t even need capital, but if you have the capital you can also make huge amount even more than double the amount you invested into it.

It is popularly called mini importation and very lucrative. You can buy clothes, shoes, bags and even gadgets or electronic devices and sell them here in Nigeria. With as low as N10,000, you can start this business and earn well up to N60,000 monthly.

Logistic Business

This is currently trending all over cities in Nigeria, with the huge number of people venturing into it they still could not handle the logistics of Nigeria cities. I myself make use of some of these logistics companies and they are always fully booked.

This is something you can earn a lot from by renting an office or use your home as your office, get like 3-5 delivery bikers and package your business to be more enticing, to make it more unique develop an application where parcels can be tracked.


Most people think it is only wealthy people that invest on shares, don’t be deceived, we have many young people that don’t even have a stable job investing in shares.

You just need to look out for a reliable and trusted business firm to buy shares with, but you have to study how this market operates before venturing into it.

Business organizations that are well established do pay their investors’ good money every month or quarterly.


You should know investment with monthly returns is very lucrative and with this you cant go broke. Putting money in any of the listed investment sources above can make you rich so you should make your decisions on time.


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