Kimberly Anne Scott Biography: Facts about Eminem Ex-Wife

Kimberly Anne Scott BiographyKimberly Anne Scott popularly known as Eminem Ex-Wife is a freelance American writer who immersed herself in writing everything(books) related to the children’s world.

Kimberly who is a drug addict and a twin became popular as a result of her relationship and Eminem‘s numerous songs(tirades) about her. Continue reading the biography of Kimberly Anne Scott to learn more interesting facts about her.

Kimberly Anne Scott Biography: Facts about Eminem Ex-Wife


Early Life and Family Background

Kimberly Anne Scott who is famously known as Eminem’s Ex-Wife was born in Warren, Michigan in the U.S.A on the 9th of January, 1975. Kimberly who is currently 46 years old has a twin sister Dawn who later died as a result of a drug overdose. Kim and Dawn were given birth to Casimer Sluck(father) and Kathleen Sluck(mother).

Another not-so-good thing about the biography of Kimberly Anne Scott is her childhood experience with her twin sister. They had a difficult childhood which makes them run away from home and later live in the Detroit Outskirt. Before cohabiting with Eminem and his mother.

Education and Relationship

Kim and his sister, Dawn Eminem attended the same school after meeting at a house party where Eminem was a singer. Kim was 13 years at the time they met, while Eminem was 15 years old.

As of then, they like each other and interact, after which Kim seeks permission to live with him(Eminem). Meanwhile, Eminem also had a bad childhood experience and was living with his mother alone after his father left them. Eminem agreed with both sisters to be living with them without his mother’s knowledge.

Eminem and Kim’s relationship started getting Tumultuous and a kind of “on and off” relationship began after a while. Amidst all their relationship challenges, Kim got pregnant in 1994 and gave birth to Haley Jade on 25th December 1995. She later moved out of Eminem’s place because of their relationship challenges.

Eminem started displaying hatred towards her and they later get divorced the next year. He also started showing his hatred for her to the world by singing about her in many songs and albums. Such can be seen in one of his songs titled KIM which was released in 2000 under the Marshell Mathers.

After their Divorce, Kim was frustrated and hurt, she started indulging in drugs, especially Cocaine. She was first arrested in 2001 for the possession and use of the drug but was later released. Even though she was convicted and arrested later for many charges.

She and Eminem got married later in 2006 but got divorced 3 months later after trying to make things work between them. She had two children for Eminem who were named Hailey Jade, and Mare Mathers. While she had Parker Scott and Whitney Scott with Eric Haters after their relationship breakup.


Apart from Kim’s arrest in 2001 which makes her a trend, Eminem’s frequent tirades about her in his songs also play part in her controversies.

She also tried to kill herself a few times. An example of such numerous attempts is when she crashes her car at a pole which she confessed was intentional and an attempt to take her own life. She became suicidal and turn to drugs. He was charged to court for carrying Cocaine in 2003 and later convicted in 2006 when he was released.

Kim Net Worth

Without mentioning her net worth, the biography of Kimberly Anne Scott won’t be completed. She owns a house in the United States in Macomb town and her net worth is estimated to worth $ 2 million.

Thanks to the money gotten from her divorce cases with her ex-husband, Eminem is currently one of the wealthiest and most famous musicians in the world. Eminem’s net worth is also estimated to be $100 million.

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