Lachlan Gillespie Net Worth & Biography – Age, Wife, and Children

Being a popular Australian actor, musician, and pianist, Lachlan Gillespie net worth is estimated to be $2 million. Lachlan Gillespie is one of the members of the Children’s music group called Wiggles, he is popularly known as Lanchy Wiggle.

The 35-year-old musician was married to Emma Watkins for 2 years before they got separated. Lachlan Gillespie currently has 2 biological daughters with his girlfriend, Dana Stephensen.

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Early Life and Background

Lachlan Gillespie was born in Brisbane, Australia on 23rd October 1985. The 35-year-old musician grew up learning about Piano while training to become a singer.

Between the age of 4 to 13 years, Lachlan worked as a theatre and vocal instructor for kids. Also, he was a Musical Theatre student at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts where he graduated.

Lachlan Gillespie Net Worth & Biography - Age, Wife, and Children
Lachlan Gillespie Net Worth & Biography – Age, Wife, and Children

Lachlan Gillespie As a Wiggle

In 2009, Lachlan Gillespie joined a children’s music group called Wiggles. He acted as Captain Feathersword during the group’s Dorothy the Dinosaur Traveling show. Also, he was the group dancer during their regular tour.

In 2012, he replaced one of the founding members of the group, Jeff Fatt to be wearing the Purple shirt as the Purple Wiggle. The group’s fan base continues to grow popular which encouraged the members of the group to create an adult band to accommodate their fans.

In 2018,  an adult band called Unusual Commoners was created by the group. Through this band, the Wiggles played different traditional Australian music, Scottish, Irish, and other local songs to please their audience. The group with Lanchy Wiggle will later have their first international show in St. Johns, New Foundland. Check out Kimberly Anne Scott’s Biography: Facts about Eminem Ex-Wife

Relationship and Lifestyle

Lachlan Gillespie got married to Emma Watkins who was one of the members of the Wiggles at Hopewood House in Bowral, New South Wales in 2016. The duo separated later after 2 years of the union in 2018.

Lachlan Gillespie with his Ex-wife, Emma Watkins

On 9th April 2020, Lachlan proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Dana Stephensen. The Australian ballet dancer, Dana had two daughters named Lulu and Lottie for Lachlan during their relationship. The twin’s birth was announced later in September 2020.

Lachlan Gillespie With Dana Stephensen and Twin

Lachlan Gillespie Instagram

The Purple wiggle is quite active on social media, especially on Instagram where he has over 100,000 followers. You can follow Lachlan on Instagram at @lanchy_wiggle.

Lachlan Gillespie Net Worth

According to many reports online, Lachlan Gillespie net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Lachlan Gillespie to Emma Watkins?

Lachlan and Emma Watkins were previously married before they got separated in 2018.

Who is Lachlan Gillespie’s wife?

After the divorce with his ex-wife, Emma Watkins, Lachlan has no wife. Even though he has two daughters with his fiancee, Dana Stephensen.

What is the name of the Lachlan Gillespie Twins?

Lachlan Gillespie twins are named Lulu and Lottie Gillespie.

What is Lachlan Gillespie net worth?

Being one of the members of the popular group Wiggles, Lachlan Gillespie net worth is estimated to be $2 million.