Top 10 Largest Armies in the World ([year])

We will be discussing the Top Largest Armies in the world. Every country has a military arm to protect and defend the nation against enemy attacks.

It has formed a crux showcasing the strength of a country. So, if you are curious to find out about the countries with the largest armies in the world, ensure you continue reading.

Top 10 Largest Armies in the World

A country needs its military to defend and protect the nation against enemy attacks. Wars are inevitable whether internally or externally.

The role of the military over the years cannot be undermined and for the reason of their importance, most countries around the world fortify their military strength.

1. China

Military Personnel: 2,183,000

Reserve Soldiers: 510,000

Population suitable for service: 621,105,706

China has been dominating the world in various ways from the economy, to population, and influence. The East Asia country is not only top of the list of largest armies in the world but also among the Top 5 Strongest Armies in the World.

As you can see, the country does not only have a large number of active soldiers but also a large number of reserve soldiers as well.

2. India

Military Personnel: 1,362,500

Reserve Soldiers: 2,100,000

Population suitable for service: 494,249,390

India is the second most populated country in the world after China and it’s now the second country behind China in the ranking of largest armies. Indian army has been able to defend its territory from attackers and it possesses nuclear weapons as well.

Although the country’s military budget may be small compared to other countries, it still maintains its post among the Top 5 Strongest Armies in the World.

3. The United States of America

Military Personnel: 1,281,900

Reserve Soldiers: 860,000

Population Suitable for Service: 119,664,970

The list of Top 10 Largest Armies in the World will not be complete if the United States of America is not mentioned. The North American country has continued to dominate the world in several ways.

It is number one among the Top 5 Strongest Armies in the World for many reasons. It has the largest military base in the world, it has the most powerful and sophisticated military weapons in the world, and it has highly trained and skilled soldiers. Plus, the United States Army has the largest military budget in the world.

4. North Korea

Military Personnel: 1,280,000

Reserve Soldiers: 6,300,000

Population suitable for service: 10,123,601

North Korea is a country ravished by poverty and its economy is continually on a downturn. However, the country still manages to keep a large military presence.

It is not surprising to see the country on the list is a country that is ever prepared for war because of its resentment, particularly with the neighboring country, North Korea, as well as the United States of America.

One of the strongest areas of its military is its nuclear bombs and long-range missiles.

5. Russia

Military Personnel: 1,013,628

Soldiers in reserve: 2,572,500

Population suitable for service: 46,658,907

Russia not only has one of the largest armies in the world but also ranks among the Top 5 Strongest Armies in the World because of its sophisticated military arm and large military budget.

The country has spite for the United State of America and has led to the fortification of its military both human and equipment-wise. More so, it has a vast nuclear arsenal with a supreme ground forces army.

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6. Pakistan

Military Personnel: 654, 000

Reserve Soldiers: 550,000

Population suitable for service: 76,111,979

Pakistan was birthed from India and the country has since grown to have one of the largest armies in the world. presently, Pakistan has the largest army in an Islamic country in the world, making it one of the most powerful Islamic countries in the world.

The country has a robust relationship with China and has been able to develop its military capabilities to world standards.

7. South Korea

Military Personnel: 625,000

Reserve soldiers: 5,202,250

Population suitable for service: 21,081,420

South Korea has over the years built a formidable army and it is ranked among the Top 5 Strongest Armies in the World just as it is one of the largest armies in the world.

The country is in perpetual strife with its neighbor, North Korea, and has continually invested hugely in its military.

Importantly, South Korea mandated military service for all men regardless of their profession or status. Whether you are within or outside the country, you must be trained in military service.

8. Iran

Military Personnel: 523, 000

Reserve Soldiers: 350,000

Population suitable for service: 39,842,164

Iran is an ever-prepared country for war and does not joke with its military. That is the reason why the government invests heavily to boost its army prowess. The country is in tension with the United States which is a motivator to prepare its military for action.

More so, the Iranian military supports other groups in their country whose actions foster the country’s agenda.

9. Vietnam

Military Personnel: 482,000

Reserve Soldiers: 5,000,000

Population suitable for service: 41,804,394

Vietnam comes in at the ninth spot on our list of Top Largest Armies in The World with military personnel that is more than 400,000. Vietnam has continued to strengthen its army to keep intruders and superpowers at bay from invading the country.

Just like in South Korea, military service is mandatory for all men in Vietnam.

10. Egypt

Military Personnel: 440,000

Reserve Soldiers: 480,000

Population suitable for service: 36,075,104

Egypt is the only African country on the list and it comes last on our list. The country is disturbed by internal and external violence, which propels the Egyptian government to invest heavily in its army.


There you have the list of the Top Largest Armies in the World. You may not want to cross any of the countries listed to have the largest armies in the world because you may not be able to handle what comes after.