Lockdown Affecting Ramadan Sales


Yesterday, some food vendors in the metropolis of Lagos lamented deficits in their sales during Ramadan.

According to them, many people who patronize food vendors did not show up to buy food for Iftar (fast break) and Sahur (early morning meal).

9jatoday also noted that many food sellers are not involved in this year’s fast-paced business.

Generally, between 3 am and 6:30 am, the streets of Lagos are always busy with food vendors who prepare dishes.

Many men who do not have wives at home buy from food vendors. Food vendors are also the toast of some couples, who find it difficult to wake up early to cook.

Ms. Folasade Ayoola, who sells food on the island of Lagos, said she was facing debts due to the waste of meals.

“We buy food and pepper at a higher price in the market, hoping to get good sales from those who are fasting, but the reverse is the case. People are not as close as previous Ramadan, ”she said.

According to her, some of the food was wasted because of low sales.

“I didn’t even sell half of what I prepared for people to break their fast. We had to eat part of it during Sahur and throw the rest away, ”she said.

Another food vendor in Ilasamaja, Mushin, who simply identified himself as Ajimoh, blamed the coronavirus outbreak for low sales.

Gbele Pawo, Ajimoh said that she might stop cooking food for people who want to break the fast if the situation persists.

“How much are we doing to continue to suffer losses every day. Since the beginning of Ramadan, I have been wasting food due to low sales. The beginning of Ramadan this year is the worst I have witnessed so far. I have been in this business for years. I haven’t witnessed anything like that in the past, ”she said.

She prayed that sales would improve.

Mama Aisha, a food supplier in Oshodi, also regretted the drop in sales.

She said people were complaining about lack of money to buy food.

“You know, people have been home for almost a month. Some lost their jobs in the process. Those who are still working do not have access to reach the workplace. I understand the situation in question. Sales are pathetic, ”said Mama Aisha.

She asked the government to help Nigerians.

“The government needs to inject money into the economy. The idea of ​​giving N5,000 to the vulnerable is not working. Many people who have jobs are practically vulnerable because they don’t have the money to buy things, ”she said.

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